Homeland Q&A

TWoP: Are you at all worried, given that this show is about terrorism and your character is at the center of that, that you might not be around for a second, third or fourth season?
Lewis: If this show ran five years, I wouldn't expect Brody to be in it for five years. But if Brody does go prematurely, I think it will be spectacular. So we'll see.

TWoP: Not that I would like you to be out of work, but I think that would be an interesting twist.
Lewis: No. .... [Pauses] No. I'm not going to say any more. I have a good idea of how long he'll be around.

TWoP: One of the great things about this show is the weekly reveal of a major secret or event. Which was the most interesting or surprising reveal to you?
Lewis: The most shocking reveal of all? That's interesting. Hmmm... It probably doesn't involve my storyline too much. I love the storyline of Aileen and her lover and this liberal middle class girl who grew up out there because Daddy had some fancy job as part of a diplomatic service or something like that. And the fact that she has found cause to turn against her own country for some reason... whether it is just some kind of misguided youthful idealism, or whether it is something more serious than that. I don't think that story is dead yet, and I thought that was a fascinating reveal.

TWoP: You take a physical beating on this show. How hard is that to handle emotionally at the end of the day?
Lewis: [Smirks] I like to be beaten up. It makes me accept my position in life. I get beaten up , and then there are moments when I beat up Mike Faber and then it becomes clear to me that [he and my wife] were obviously having an affair and no one has mentioned it to me.

TWoP: Small detail.
Lewis: Small detail that could affect my future happiness. By the way, he's kind of red-headed too, so Jessica clearly has a type. Post-traumatic stress disorder manifests its self in multiple ways, and violence and anger is one of the ways. So it is appropriate that there is a lot of violence -- emotional and physical violence -- when he comes back. In terms of him just being beaten up all the time, I think that might just be the writers' joke. Initially you have to see the violence and it has to be graphic, because you have to see that he has not only been psychologically broken, but physically broken too. The physical violence is part of what breaks him psychologically. I can't even remember why I was beaten up coming out of a grocery store in a recent episode. I think that was just for fun.

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