Homeland Q&A

TWoP: Do you seek out military characters, or men in uniform -- you were a cop on Life.
Lewis: I seek out women in uniform whenever I can. [Laughs]. No, I don't. I'm aware that I played Major Dick Winters in Band of Brothers. But that's a coincidence. There are no real parallels to draw between Brody and Dick Winters.

TWoP: There are a couple with Charlie Crews [from Life] in terms of him coming back into society after a long period away.
Lewis: There are thematic similarities, definitely between Charlie and Brody about getting a second chance in life. That's true.

TWoP: Brody's not obsessed with fruit though. Lewis: No, but there was a scene... and a whole lot of people started talking to me about it. People who love this show and were also fans of Life. There was a scene where Brody wolfs down a whole bowl fruit given to me by Abu Nazir and everyone went, "Oh my god, it's Charlie Crews!" But no. I tend to think those are superficial similarities, they are external similarities. Just because you happen to have played a solider twice, or because you played a cop who also carries a gun. They are superficial. The interior lives of those characters are all very different. Do I sound defensive? [Chuckles] I mean to be.

Homeland airs on Sunday nights on Showtime.

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