Q&A With Kevin Smith

When you start hearing podcasts form people who would never in a million years be in front of a microphone, you're starting to hear senses of humor that you would never hear otherwise. And that's where you find the fucking gold. That's where the Treys and the Matts come from. Up from the depths. It's everybody's time now. For years we used to sit there and be entertained -- 'You, sit here, we'll fucking show you shit.' You can do that now, it's your choice and there are wonderful entertainments that we can all engage in, in cinema and on TV. But we now also have the option to be like, 'Fuck it, I want to do it to. This looks fun, man.' The technology is such that it doesn't even cost that much to do it anymore. Us doing Clerks seems far more financially risky now than it did then. Now, with technology being what it is, we should've shot Clerks on a fucking cell phone.

So however you can do it, get your voice into the mix, man. Why not? 'Cause you're as interesting as the other guy. And that guy's as interesting as the next guy. We're all content generators and each one of us has this awesome back-pocket story that we know we can whip out at any occasion. And chances are if you've got one, you've got a few more. So that means everybody has at least stories to tell and those stories buoy you throughout the other content. Everything can't be an amazing fucking adventure story, but the shit in between, that's life, the marrow of life. That's interesting as well. And people sometimes just like to hear how other people live and go like, 'Phew, there are other people like me.' I made Clerks because I wanted to see if there was anyone out there who felt like me and my friends -- and I found out, yes. Making those podcasts, you get it confirmed almost daily. Throw it out there and they're like, 'we're just like you and your friends. You're not alone. And that's a good feeling in a weird cold world."

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