Shall We Dance?

by admin July 9, 2008
Shall We Dance?

Our favorite America's Best Dance Crew judge and sometime So You Think You Can Dance guest choreographer Shane Sparks sets us straight on the difference between b-boys and poppers, what's up with You Got Served 2, why you should just jump on the Fanny Pak bandwagon already, and oh, so much more. We knew nothing about dance before this interview, and now feel (almost) qualified to perform in the subway for nickels. In short, the man's a scholar.

TWoP: I can hear you.

SS: Beautiful. How are you?

TWoP: I'm well. What's going on in your busy, busy world?

SS: Oh my god. Well, right now we're sitting in the Hyatt Hotel about to do a workshop with these kids over here. We're going to judge them and have a little contest.

TWoP: That's going to be exciting for them.

SS: Yeah (laughs)... So what's up with you?

TWoP: With me? Not so much, I've just been watching you all over the place lately.

SS: Right, I'm trying to do it.

TWoP: You are, you're everywhere. I don't know how you get it all done. And then I find out you teach class on the side?

SS: Yeah, I've gotta stay on my toes. When I teach classes, it's like going to school. You know what I mean? It keeps them sharp. I'm always learning, I'm always prepared.

TWoP: I bet it's packed now because of the popularity of Dance Crew. Does everybody want to be the next hip-hop dancer?

SS: Yeah, either the dancer or the choreographer or yeah, just to be seen.

TWoP: Okay. So, I'm loving the show again this season. I totally got hooked last season, even though I was like, "I'm not gonna watch this show," and then I watched every episode. And now, I'm like "Where are the JabbaWockeeZ?"

SS: I know, I know. The JabbaWockeeZ are actually doing really good. I talk to them every now and then and they've been doing the American Music Awards, the MTV awards.

TWoP: Yeah, I just saw them on the BET awards the other night.

SS: Yeah.

TWoP: Crazy.

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