Shall We Dance?

by Angel Cohn July 9, 2008
Shall We Dance?

SS: And they are playing around. They're happy.

TWoP: Was that the intent when the show started? You know, to get these crews out there more?

SS: Yeah, that was the intent. We didn't know what would happen, but we had to offer them the money and the recognition, and after that it would just have to take on a life of its own. I mean, that's eventually what happened, and it's a perfect time for this. Everybody is so into dance right now, and the JabbaWockeeZ are so unique, you know, that everybody wants to have a piece of them.

TWoP: There are so many dancers out there, why do you think this one took off?

SS: Because this one is real. You know what I mean? It's like, there are only a few things out there that are like the real McCoy, okay? This show is like So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew and Dancing with the Stars. Those are the only three shows that I really have respect for. Knocking nobody else, but those are the ones that are keeping it real. All of the other shows capitalize off of the success of what is going on with dance, and you will always have those shows. And those shows, they are offering people opportunities to be successful and do what they love to do and get out there the correct way, not doing any stupid stuff.

TWoP: Right, like the people actually have talent, they're not just picking it up.

SS: Right, exactly, exactly.

TWoP: So alright, I'm watching a lot of dance shows, I can't help myself, but I still don't know the difference between a B-Boy, a breaker, a hip-hopper and a popper... can you help me?

SS: Well, basically a B-Boy is like, what a lot of people don't know is that the B stands for break.

TWoP: Okay.

SS: Okay, so what happened was back in the day, they used to have music that would play, because they didn't have hip-hop songs and in the song there would always be a little breakdown and those breakdowns were the only time the music was hot for the breakers to dance, so those were like the break sections. So when the guys would hear their part, they would dance. So they were actually called break boys, but B-Boy shortened. That's where that all came from; B-Boys are just breakers, you know what I mean?

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