Shall We Dance?

by Angel Cohn July 9, 2008
Shall We Dance?

TWoP: I would ...I could be on America's Funniest Home Videos.

SS: Stuff like that.

TWoP: Yeah, I'll be like the next YouTube sensation.

SS: Hey, hey, hey.

TWoP: You have all of this experience, do you ever want to go in and choreograph for them and be like, "No, no, this is what you should be doing," but then hold yourself back?

SS: I'm actually trying to get something like that, maybe for the finale, maybe something after the show to get the kids involved in it and maybe have me do a number with all the dancers. We are trying to work on something like that, but they're still trying to make sure that I keep the title "judge."

TWoP: Right, I can understand that a little, yeah. But I think it would kill me to be like, "Oh, you're so close but if you..."

SS: Yeah, last year was even worse. My god, I wanted to do something with JabbawockeeZ and Status Quo and Kaba Modern, but we couldn't.

TWoP: So how hard is it for you to pick when two good teams or crews end up in the bottom two?

SS: Yeah, it's really hard, it's definitely hard.

TWoP: Like the first week I was like, "I don't know, they both did really well." I think it would be hard to pick.

SS: Yeah, it's really hard, because sometimes they come with so much creativity, and they'll be put on the bottom because of America, and we're looking like, "Why did they put these two in the bottom?" when there were other crews that were way worse then them, but then it's up to us to deal with it. Then we have to get really, really technical on the crew. Were their hands where they were supposed to be? Were their bodies in place? Did they mess up on the choreography? How were their lines? You know what I mean? How was their energy? Did they entertain us? Then we have to get super-detailed, because they are determined to lose and have to leave.

TWoP: Yeah, it could be hard. I don't know. I don't think I could be a judge. Like, "I don't know, you both are good." Yeah, I would never be able to do it.

SS: Yeah, last year was the hardest when we had to lose Live in Color. That was the hardest, because both of the crews were really good, and to this day I think we lost the wrong crew.

TWoP: So do you have a favorite this season?

SS: Right now, my two favorites are the underdog crew, Fanny Pak...

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