Shall We Dance?

by Angel Cohn July 9, 2008
Shall We Dance?

TWoP: We love them here in the office.

SS: Is that right? Yeah. Those are the ones that are going to blow everyone's minds, watch. And Super Cr3w, of course.

TWoP: Fanny Pak is making us laugh around here. We like them.

SS: Is that right?

TWoP: Yeah, well we heard the name and were like, "Oh we've gotta root for them." They're good.

SS: They are actually very, very talented. Very talented kids.

TWoP: So when you are auditioning for videos, movies, do you audition full crews? Or do you just audition single members? Like is there a chance for full crews to be in a movie?

SS: Yeah, like the movie we're doing right now is called The Jump Off, and we're actually auditioning crews. But normally we don't, normally we just audition members and we put them in a crew. But because most movies are based off of crews now, and the TV shows are into crews, we are telling them to bring a crew down and audition. And it makes it better for us, we don't have to make up choreography for them and for them, they get to get on air and do what they do best. It's better than having somebody do something that they don't normally do.

TWoP: And they have a chemistry, I guess.

SS: Yeah, exactly and you don't want to lose that. You hire them for what they do and you don't want to change that.

TWoP: Anybody we would have seen on America's Best Dance Crew?

SS: Yeah, Live in Color, Status Quo, Fysh and Chicks, Femme 5. Live in Color is still up in the air because a couple of them are still out here in Los Angeles and we're trying to get the rest of them up here. If they don't get out here, we probably won't use any of them. Or we might just use Cash, who is considered to be the leader of the crew. I think we might end up using him in a couple of scenes.

TWoP: So what is this movie about?

SS: Well The Jump Off is really a learning experience for the typical dancer that thinks "I'm a Jazz dancer and that's all I have to do" or "I'm a Hip-Hop dancer and that's all I need to do." We're trying to teach them that they need to evolve and they need to learn different styles, take a year or two out to learn different styles, so when they do come to California, they have the ability to do commercials, TV, movies, videos. All the different styles of dance, so they aren't just limited to hip-hop videos or hip-hop movies, so we are trying to spark that and make them realize to, you know, educate themselves about different styles of dance to make more money and be more relevant to the dance world.

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