Shall We Dance?

by Angel Cohn July 9, 2008
Shall We Dance?

TWoP: Okay, well, I'm sure if you're doing choreography, it's going to be awesome.

SS: Thanks very much, thank you very much.

TWoP: Speaking of which, where's You Got Served part two?

SS: You know what, I don't know, we were about to go into production...

TWoP: It was supposed to happen, right?

SS: Yes, totally. In this crazy business it's so crazy, because you get so hyped over stuff and so many business things are going and so much personal stuff and you know, it kind of messes up a lot of stuff, and certain people just can't get along long enough to get things done. I mean, hopefully...

TWoP: Not naming any names, but it's tough.

SS: Yeah, keeping it under wraps.

TWoP: So I have a couple So You Think You Can Dance questions.

SS: Okay.

TWoP: So, we saw your elevator piece which was awesome, but are we going to be able to see more from you this season?

SS: I hope so. They've got me on the schedule to do a couple of things, but it depends on how my schedule is, which would determine if I would be able to go. But hopefully I'll be able to do some stuff, because they want to and I want to. So it's in the air.

TWoP: Will we get to actually see you?

SS: No, that's the thing about it, because I'm exclusively signed to MTV. They allow me to do choreography, which I am so grateful for, but I can't do anything physical, visually.

TWoP: Okay, so you're behind the scenes. The man behind the scenes.

SS: Yeah, I am behind the scenes. You can just see my name.

TWoP: Yes, little Kathy Lee comes out and is like, "That's my Shane."

SS: Yeah, that was funny.

TWoP: So Mia and Wade got Emmy noms for their choreography pieces, do you think that's coming for you?

SS: Well, actually I just got a message today. I sent a couple of things in this year, so we'll see. I've been talking to them like every other day about the piece I wanted to submit and hopefully I submitted the right one, because I had four pieces last year that I really wanted to submit, but you could only submit one episode and whatever is on that episode is what you submit, and each one is on a different episode, so I had to pick one. So right now I submitted "Transformers" and I'm hoping that they like it enough to put it in the line and maybe win.

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