Shall We Dance?

by Angel Cohn July 9, 2008
Shall We Dance?

TWoP: So did you happen to catch the crew on So You Think You Can Dance the other day? The quest with Dominic and Hawk?

SS: No I heard about it but I didn't see it.

TWoP: Okay, I was just wondering how you felt about that.

SS: What did you think?

TWoP: The music was actually bizarre but I don't know, it was pretty cool. Anytime someone can spin on their head, I'm impressed.

SS: Yeah, I got mixed reviews about it from different people.

TWoP: It was mostly showcasing Dominic and Hawk.

SS: Right, right, right.

TWoP: Not like the whole group. But you know, they were the So You Think You Can Dancers. So there are a couple cool hip-hop people on the show this season -- Comfort and Twitch. Do you think they have a chance to be the first hip-hop winner?

SS: Yeah, definitely. Comfort, she's good, but I think she needs a little bit more work right now. She's talented but I want to see her move to another level as far as her creativity and her freestyle. But she's really, really talented too, though. I enjoy working with her.

TWoP: Twitch is just insane.

SS: He's outta here.

TWoP: Keep your fingers crossed.

SS: I just hope that the people that get him really utilize his talent. You know what I mean? Because sometimes you get a choreographer that just really knows how to make you shine. So hopefully they can do that for him.

TWoP: So are we ever going to get to see you dancing? On like America's Best Dance Crew?

SS: I want to, but they won't let me do anything. I want to so bad.

TWoP: Why won't they let you, that would be so awesome. I know you're the judge and whatever but...

SS: But you know what, they're having me work on some other stuff where they're having me do something.

TWoP: Alright, alright.

SS: In their mind, they have an idea of how they want the show to be portrayed, and I understand it. I'm telling you, I'm sitting in the back wanting to do some stuff real bad.

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