So Dan Thinks He Can Dance

by Daniel May 20, 2008
So Dan Thinks He Can Dance

TWoP: There seem to be more and more dancing shows on television, and more and more dancing movies. Why do you think dancing is becoming more popular? Or is it becoming more popular?

Dan: I think it's definitely becoming more popular. I think shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars have finally brought dance to the forefront. And I think people are seeing how entertaining it can be on its own. It doesn't have to be as a backup dancer or in the background of a movie or commercial. People are entertained when that's all that there is out on the stage. And people are enjoying it more and more, and I think that the more we put out there, the more people are gonna love it, so I think everybody is into it. Everything from an older audience who is loving the ballroom dancing to the younger audience who's loving the hip-hop dancing and the jazz dancing and everything that's out there. It just seems like the more of them that pop up, the more people want to watch them, so I love it. Obviously, us as dancers and the choreographers in the industry, we love it. The more dance we can put out there, the better.

TWoP: I interviewed Shane Sparks just after the finale of the show last summer, and we talked about the fact that hip-hop is very, very popular on the show, it's popular with the dancers, with the audience and with the judges. But there weren't any hip-hop dancers in the final four. Why do you think that was?

Dan: Well one of the things about our show [is that] it's so demanding on the dancers and requires them to be so versatile in all forms of dance. So it somewhat lends itself to trained dancers who are able to pick up everything -- contemporary, ballroom and then hip-hop, all the different styles. Whereas hip-hop dancers generally aren't necessarily as trained, so they're not used to taking classes and picking up all types of choreography. So it makes it difficult. I think it's quite a feat that some of the hip-hop dancers make it as far as they do on the show. We never quite expect them to, so it's definitely a pleasure that they make it that far, but yeah, you know, it's those kids who grew up training in everything that seem to be making it further on the show so far.

TWoP: In the finale, all the choreographers and the judges got to pick their favorite dances from the season. You picked Mia Michaels' piece about her father which was danced by Lacey and Neil. Why'd you pick that one.

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