The Glee Premiere

by admin May 20, 2009
Special Sneak Peek: Glee

Later, we see Will in bed with his wife Terri. She's sleeping; he's wide awake and having an internal monologue about how he'll hide the expenditure from his wife and how he can inspire these downtrodden kids. We then cut to the sign-up sheet where Mercedes signs her name, then she's on stage belting the hell out of "Respect." Kurt steps up to sing "Mr. Cellophane" from Chicago, which seems appropriate for a kid who gets stuffed in a dumpster on a regular basis. He's got a crazy falsetto. Not Adam Lambert crazy, just regular musical theater crazy. Then there's Tina, who has a bit of an edgier look than the first two auditioners. She's singing the Katy Perry anthem "I Kissed a Girl" in a very sexy/slutty way. Rachel, the girl who looked pissed off at the previous chorus teacher, is up to sing "On My Own" from Les Miz. She's fantastic, but she does an annoying thing like put stars next to her name. The kids don't seem to be big fan of hers (can't imagine why) and she gets beverages thrown at her. But there's this "Attack of the Killer Bees" (obviously the a cappella version) that happens whenever she gets irritated. After the juice thing we see her tattling on the chorus teacher, while she voices over that she had nothing to do with it. She is also not homophobic, because she has two gay dads. They mixed their sperm together and inseminated a surrogate and they don't know which one is really her father. Though one is African American and the other is a pasty white guy, and given that actress Lea Michele's complexion falls in the rarely sees the sun category, it seems pretty obvious. Cute visual joke though. They gave her lessons in everything, and we see a demon-dancing pre-teen version of her getting glares from her classmates. She then informs us that she doesn't have time for dating because she has a very strict MySpace schedule. (Maybe she should consider Facebook? She'll get more traffic.) She video tapes herself daily and puts that on her page. She sings "On My Own" again to her camera, and while the video plays we see some of the cheerleading squad posting vicious comments and then Rachel sitting at her computer reading them sadly. Then we're back to the glee club auditions and more "On My Own." She's anxious to start rehearsals.

The next scene has wheelchair-bound Arty singing "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat" from Guys and Dolls, while the rest of the club surrounds him with jazz hands, at the end of the dance they accidentally push him into a wall. Not a great start. Rachel storms off because she takes glee club, which has been renamed New Directions, very, very seriously.

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