The Glee Premiere

by admin May 20, 2009
Special Sneak Peek: Glee

Out on the football field, Jane Lynch is yelling at her cheerleaders. Rachel is sitting on the bleachers when Will comes over, she wants to be a part of something great and not be made fun of all the time. She needs a male lead who she can work with, otherwise she's quitting. Mr. Tanaka interrupts by telling him that Figgins wants to see him. Apparently their auditorium is needed for AA meetings, and they've got cash. Will makes a deal that if they show at regionals, they get to keep the auditorium, but Figgins feels that with five kids (especially since "one of them is a cripple") they've got no chance in hell. Will also has to run detention, as part of the deal.

Commercials. Phew! This show moves so fast from scene to scene. When we come back, we see wife Terri at work at Sheets & Things. She's instructing a fellow employee on how to properly fold fitted sheets. Will brings her a sandwich, but she complains that it has mayo on it and that it is basically his fault if they never have kids. She's also not happy about having to work about eight hours a week, and is not at all pleased that Will is going to be working late covering detention. On his way out, Will sees Sandy complaining about thread count on towels and tries to slink away, but Sandy spots him. Will is worried that Sandy will be upset that he stepped in and took over glee club, but Sandy says that "getting out of that swirling eddy of despair" was the best thing that ever happened to him. He does say that he was peeved at first, because he was being accused of things that upset his long-distance girlfriend. Very likely. Will wants to know if he's on medication, but not exactly. Sandy's high on life... or medical marijuana. One of those. He has taken advantage of the situation, by selling his surplus... to Mr. Tanaka. He's making a killing. He offers Will some and gives him a free, nicely packaged sample. Will then goes to visit Sue, he wants to talk to the Cheerios about joining the glee club. She says he needs to realize that his kids are losers and hers are popular. Emma says that Sue's got a point, but that if he finds a popular kid and convinces that kid to sign up, the others may follow. He goes and begs Tanaka for a chance to talk to his football players. Mr. Tanaka only agrees if Will puts in a good word for him with Emma.

Mr. Tanaka is in the locker room telling the jocks to pay attention to Will for a minute, or else there will be laps. He's greeted with vacant stares. After Will makes his plea, he looks at the sign up sheet for New Directions. Some of the folks joining the group will be Butt Munch, Gaylord Weiner and Penis. If they could sing, they'd probably be a good addition. Then Will overhears Finn singing "I Can't Fight This Feeling" in the shower. Will realizes that the only way to get Finn to agree to join glee, is via blackmail. He shows him the bag of "Chronic Lady" marijuana and asks about his drug problem. Finn says it isn't his. Will says that he could get kicked out of school... even go to prison. Will gives him a speech about how he expects more from him. Now Finn's voiceover starts. Apparently he pushes himself to be better each day. We see little Finn playing drums, getting yelled at by his single mom. His dad died in Iraq, but his favorite male role model was a guy named Darren who worked for Emerald Dreams, a company that spray paints dead lawns bright green, and dated his mom, apparently. Darren also liked to sing while he worked, especially Journey's "Loving, Touching, Squeezing." But after he took off with another girl, Finn decided to make his mom proud, no matter what. Will offers Finn a choice. Six weeks detention, or he does time in glee club. Next thing you know, he's on stage singing "You're The One That I Want" from Grease on stage with the other five members of New Directions.

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