The Glee Premiere

by admin May 20, 2009
Special Sneak Peek: Glee

Rachel's interest is piqued when she hears Finn sing. She basically accosts him, and they start dancing and dueting. Mercedes busts through the pair to remind Will that she's Beyoncé, not Kelly Rowland, and will not settle for being a background singer. [Or hosting The Fashion Show. - Zach] She begrudgingly agrees that they do sound better with Finn, and they go again. At night, Will sits in Terri's craft room doing a puzzle with her. He's so super-psyched about how hard the kids have been working that he wants to take them on a field trip to see their competition. Terri refuses to come chaperone with him; she'll be working, because of her Pottery Barn habit. She aspires to have nice things and wants more money. He is passionate about teaching, not the more profitable accounting field. He doesn't understand why she needs three mahogany toilet brush holders. She says he's just trying to recapture his high school glory days and that he needs to move on and have a grown-up life, one that includes lots of bathroom accessories. The next morning, Will posts a chaperone request list in the teacher's lounge. Emma hops up, and after wiping the pencil off because of her OCD issues with messiness, puts her name at the top of the list.

On the football field, Finn is getting reamed out for doing glee club. A fellow player wants to know why Finn will be missing practice on Saturday. Apparently his mom needs her prostate removed. Good excuse. Jock seems oblivious. Then we see Jane Lynch just spouting off that living with hepatitis is hard. I could just watch a string of her telling people why her life is harder than anyone else's. I hope they continue this. Then we're at the Carmel auditorium, where the group has headed to check out the best glee club around. Rachel tells Finn that he's talented, and she would know, because she is also very talented. She expects that they will have to be an item now that they are the two leads of the glee club, but he's got a girlfriend, Quinn. She's head cheerleader and president of the celibacy club. Which is killing him. They've been together nearly four months. Will and Emma share a PB&J. He doesn't usually eat peanut butter because his wife has a nut allergy, and he's a decent guy. Will explains that Terri is his high-school girlfriend and they've been married five years. Emma is over-eager and clearly in love, so she asks to hear more about their life. He confides that marriage is hard. Once they are seated, he says to the group that Carmel may be good, but they've got nothing to worry about. Then Vocal Adrenaline comes out. They are a huge chorus, with pretty dresses and coordinated outfits and choreography. They perform to "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse. It's amazing. The crowd goes wild. New Directions looks shell-shocked.

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