The Glee Premiere

by admin May 20, 2009
Special Sneak Peek: Glee

Back at school, Finn gets cornered by the football team (after walking by a steel drum band playing "Don't Worry, Be Happy"). One of the jocks found out that moms don't get their prostates removed, so he needs to be duly punished, with paintballs. Will heads home to see Terri under a sign that says "Congratulations" and she's holding champagne. She's pregnant (and shouldn't be drinking... but that's probably besides the point). He's thrilled and is happy to have a family. But he looks a little concerned. We see Arty asking Will why he's leaving them. He's given his two-week notice and is going to try and find a replacement before he leaves. Mercedes wants to know if it's because they suck compared to the Carmel group. Finn just wants to know if he's off the hook. Will says that grown-ups have to make tough choices and give up things that they love. Sad, but true.

Later he packs up his things, but sees a guitar laying across a stool. Of course he picks it up and begins to play "Leaving on a Jet Plane." We see Emma sitting by herself with a yearbook drawing hearts around Will's picture and looking forlorn. I'd say that I'd given up drawing hearts around boys pictures ages ago, but I look at my bulletin board at an Idol picture and sure enough there's a heart around little, weird Adam. Go figure. Guess it must be a girl thing. Will is then at a long table applying for a job at an accounting firm. One would have thought in this economy that he would have secured a new job before quitting. Over in the teacher's lounge some of the nameless female teachers say they heard his wife is knocked up and that's why he quit. Emma overhears and looks as if she's going to cry. But then moments later she's in his classroom. He says that he'll miss her. She said that she wants one thing from him first, to come to the career center for some guidance tomorrow. He insists that he needs better benefits.

Finn closes his locker to see Rachel, who was lurking. She wants to know why he wasn't at glee club. He says he thought that was done. But no, she's taken over, temporarily but expects that she'll be the permanent director. Quinn walks up and wants to know why they are together, Rachel quickly says they are working on a science project together. After Quinn and her minions walk away, Rachel says that Finn needs to quit worrying about being popular and just be his awesome self. On the football field, Finn is with his fellow jock, who is still confused about the whole foray into singing. Finn says it was just so he could pass Spanish and stay on the team. His reward: Arty stuck in a Porta Potty that Finn gets the honor of rolling first. Finn helps Arty out and the jocks are upset about the fact that he's helping out a loser. Finn gives a well thought-out speech about how everyone is really losers because they will be stuck in this town for their entire life. He's not afraid of being called a loser, but he'd like to do things that make him happy. Main jock asks if Finn is "quitting to join Homo Explosion." Nope. Finn's a multitasker, because both teams depend on him to win. After his inspirational speech, the familiar strains of Journey play and the camera zooms over to see Darren is spraying the football field with Emerald Dreams.

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