The Glee Premiere

by admin May 20, 2009
Special Sneak Peek: Glee

Back in the auditorium, Glee club dictator Rachel is yelling at her friends for not mastering some simple steps. They are not pleased. Finn comes in with Arty, they aren't happy to see him, but he wants to apologize. He no longer just wants to be the guy who throws eggs at people. Give you one guess as to who was on the receiving end of that event. He's tired of it, and wants to be part of their lame little group. Finn asks Arty if he can recruit the jazz band. He puts Mercedes in charge of cool costumes, Rachel gets tasked with choreography. Tina doesn't have a skill, but he'll find something for her to do. He'll handle the music.

In the cafeteria, Emma plays a tape of the '93 nationals, which Will was a part of. He says it was the greatest moment of his life. Aw. He hadn't felt something so great, until he found out he was going to be a dad. Emma says that money isn't the most important thing. Being passionate about something is more important. As he walks away he looks at the auditorium. When he enters he sees New Directions, all clad in red outfits doing a choral version of "Don't Stop Believing." It's awesome. Those Carmel kids better watch it. Will starts in with some critiquing. He says it would kill him to see them win Nationals without him. On the plus side, when this show closes with this song, I don't feel the frustration that I did when The Sopranos used it for their series ender. Instead, I'm looking forward to the fall to see what happens next yet with this promising show.

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