The Parks & Recreation Premiere

by admin April 10, 2009
Spring Pilot Season: Parks & Recreation

Amy Poehler walks up to a little girl on a playground who's playing in a sandbox. She introduces herself as Leslie Knope, and asks if she can ask her a few questions. She then gives her the following list of awkwardly-worded multiple-choices:

Would you say that you are:
a. Enjoying yourself and having fun.
b. Having a moderate amount of fun and somewhat enjoying yourself.
c. Having no fun and no enjoyment.

When the little girl ignores her and continues playing, she decides to put the first one down. Just then, a boy runs up to report a drunk stuck in the slide. Cut to her at the top of one of those curvy tube slides, poking at a young, drunk man with a broom. At a picnic table, Knope talking heads that people used to complain when she said she works for the government, but now they need help, and the government can do that. Back on the slide, she tells the drunk to put his arms at his sides, in order to slide down better. When he tells her to go away, obviously hung over to all hell, she starts repeatedly kicking the side of the slide, in an effort to drive him out. She TH's that government isn't just a boys' club anymore, and lists herself third, after Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin but before Nancy Pelosi, in a list of female politicians. A little more fancy broomwork and the drunk slides out the bottom of the slide. "We did it!" she exclaims. As we see her getting her hair pulled by a boy on the jungle gym and trying not to look at the pool lifeguard's Speedo, she says people should come on board with her, and try not to get motion sickness.

A peppy theme song plays over shots of the cast that slide in and out of shots of Pawnee, Indiana. Water towers, kids swinging, buffalo... Wait, buffalo? In Indiana? Who knew?

City Hall: We see the words over a big stone archway entrance with a creepy bearded face in the middle. Is Zeus the mayor or something? In a conference room, boss Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) says that tonight is the "next-monthly community outreach forum," which Leslie will be running. Leslie reiterates that it is tonight, and Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) looks at the camera, a la Jim from the Office. Or maybe he's making fun of Jim, like Dwight was that one time? Either way, when Ron asks for another volunteer, Tom texts away until Ron finally asks him to go. "Fine!" Tom sighs dramatically. The other two people at the meeting are equally uninterested, and we don't seem to really care who they are.

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