The Parks & Recreation Premiere

by admin April 10, 2009
Spring Pilot Season: Parks & Recreation

Ann shows up at City Hall and learns from Leslie's guided tour that it was the first building in America with locks. Leslie is showing her a particularly gruesome mural of a massacre when Tom runs up and tells them that the committee has been approved. Leslie likens her chairing a committee at the tender age of 34 to a rocket ship. Mark stops by the office to congratulate her, and Tom is already pouring the champagne. As Leslie throws a couple of flutes back, Tom THs that she always gets smashed at office get-togethers, and he always convinces her to do crazy stuff, like make out with the water delivery guy or stop an actual crime while dressed as Batman (not Batgirl, Batman) for Halloween. Drunk on a couch with Ann, Leslie THs that America is awesome, full of hope and delicious beverages and hot guys. We see the two of them drinking with Mark, and for some reason I am picturing this particularly hot guy possibly coming between them. Because Ann's boyfriend is an even more insensitive tool than Roy, and Ann is slightly more assertive than Pam, which means he's going to get ditched soon, especially since he's listed in the opening credits as a "special guest star." As Leslie gets a refill, Ann TH-vows to stick with the project for as long as it takes, even if it takes... two months. That seems optimistic. Leslie starts singing "Lady Marmalade," because, of course, Ann is her soul sister.

In the end tag, Ron gives a tour of his office, which represents how he feels about government. A sawed-off shotgun that used to belong to a local bootlegger is mounted on a pivot on his desk, so if anyone comes in to ask him for anything, they have to stare down the barrel at it. He asks if the film crew received a grant to make this documentary. To explain the huge poster of a screaming basketball coach, which has hovered over his shoulder the entire episode, he says, "This is my basketball court. I don't want to see any double-dribble, I don't want to see any three-second violations." He points at the poster like Elvis and shouts "Bobby Knight!" Is he quoting him? Or just saying his name? I assume that's who's on the poster; I don't follow basketball.

All in all, I liked it! But then, I still like The Office, whereas some of my co-workers are so done with it. So, to make the inevitable water-cooler comparisons to The Office easier, here's where we stand:

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