The Southland Premiere

by Angel Cohn April 10, 2009
Spring Pilot Season: Southland

Ben and John go in, they've got backup from Billy and Chickie. Billy thinks they should call SWAT, but John just chalks the scene up as "a bunch of drunk cholos." The Moretta broadcast clearly didn't reach the crew in time. John advises Ben to cuff the guys and then search them for weapons. There are a lot of barking animals and loud music playing, and the three shooters are sitting in the backyard with some drunk girls, to boot. The cops get to arresting them. Ben cuffs one guy, but doesn't get to pat him down, before Billy tells him to take him to the car. When Ben argues that he needs to search him, Billy screams about being his superior officer and then hauls off the arrestee himself. Ben follows after him, down a set of stairs. Billy and the handcuffed guy trade verbal barbs for a while, then Billy leans him against the car. He turns around for a split second and the guy reaches into this waist band and shoots at Billy. From the stairs, Ben shoots the perp multiple times in the chest.

At the hospital, Moretta and Bryant are with the mother of the teenager who got shot. They tell her that they know who did it, and it is kids in a gang who just got out of jail. She goes off on the senselessness of gang violence and sends her daughter off to see her brother, who is hooked up to all kinds of tubes.

Det. Adams is talking to reporters about the missing girl situation. She tells her crew that she's taking a ten-minute break to check on her mom. She tells Mr. Davis, aka the grieving dad, that they are going to stay on his daughter's case as long as it takes, then she gives them her card.

We're then at the scene that opened the show, with Ben staring at a dead body. He's still in stunned silence, when John drags him away to sit down. John wants to know where he got his stellar aiming skills. He tells Ben to be totally honest when the detectives come to ask him what happened. Ben says that taking a life is a big deal. John retorts with the question: "What the hell did you think the gun was for? Show and tell?" Valid. Then he gives him a fantastic speech about how Ben needs to suck it up, go through whatever training they send him to, and then come back and put his gun on and do it all again. It is relentless, but every once and a while they can take a bad guy off the streets for good. He tells him he's either a cop, because he doesn't know how to be anything else, or he should just call it quits. Then he hands him his daily book and storms off. Love John Cooper! Love him.

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