The Unusuals Premiere

by admin April 9, 2009
Spring Pilot Season: The Unusuals

Over shots of a dingy-looking New York City, a female dispatcher with a New Yawk accent tells units to be on the lookout for a guy in a hot dog costume, possibly carrying a samurai sword. On a street corner, we pan up on Amber Tamblyn in a slutty outfit, as she tries to make small talk with her fellow prostitutes. After she laments not having a good slogan, we see two cops in the back of a nearby van watching her through binoculars and giving her advice on how to seduce a customer so they can arrest him and go home. As she tells them to shut it, her mother calls her on her cell phone, and tells her that she thinks the cleaning lady is stealing, and can you talk to her? "Shraeger" says she doesn't think that's the case, then gets off quickly because she has a "john." Knocking her fellow pros out of the way to get to his window, which would probably get any other hooker beat down, she asks the driver if he's looking for a date. He puts his red light on the dash, asks if she's Casey Shraeger and tells her to get in -- she's being transferred to Homicide. She gets in.

In the car, Sgt. Brown hands Casey a picture of the very dead Detective Burt Kowalski, a 20-year vet who got shot that night in the park. She offers to talk to the "hos" over there, but Brown says first they have to tell his partner. At a greasy spoon diner, Waris Ahluwaluia (of Wes Anderson movie fame) sits at the counter and remarks that this place is never open. At the griddle, Jeremy Renner says that he's open when he feels like it, and serves him up some porkchops. Ahluwalia, a vegetarian, had ordered a salad, but Renner points out that it's a Skittles reduction on top; they're out of fruit, apparently. As Ahluwalia considers eating the potatoes, Brown and Shraeger walk in, and "Walsh" is informed that Kowalski is dead. He tells his customer to get out, and puts his gun and badge on the counter to make his point. I assumed he wanted to lock up, but he walks out right behind his customer, leaving Brown and Schaeger inside. Weird. Brown brushes off Shraeger's concerns about procedure and tells her to follow him: "It's the NYPD; if you're confused, then you're not paying attention."

Shraeger catches up with Walsh, despite her stiletto heels. He asks for the details, she tells him Kowalski was stabbed in East River Park; badge, wallet and gun are gone. Walsh tells her Kowalski once bit a dog, and that they're going to go clean up a mess. He then asks her if she always dresses like that, and she says she was a hooker until ten minutes ago.

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