The Unusuals Premiere

by Zach Oat April 9, 2009
Spring Pilot Season: The Unusuals

In Kowalski's desk, Walsh finds a pamphlet for a public storage unit. He almost heads out on his own, but Shraeger latches on. As he and Shraeger are leaving, they run into Alvarez, who asks if they have a lead. Walsh tells him that a snitch who might have something on the Kowalski case wants to meet, and Alvarez says he'll handle it. Walsh gives him an address "way out in Queens" and offers to back him up, but Eddie Alvarez works alone. At the storage unit, they discover that someone broke in last night and set Kowalski's locker on fire. As they're about to enter, Alvarez calls Walsh from a vacant lot. Walsh pretends he doesn't know who it is on the phone at first, which is fantastic, then says the snitch changed it to Shabu Shabu on Rockaway Boulevard. Alvarez asks if he's messing with him before confirming Rockaway Boulevard and setting off his own car alarm.

Inside the locker, a smoking barrel is in the center, Shraeger finds a baseball card showing Walsh swinging a bat -- apparently he played first base for the Yankees. She asks him about it; he shrugs it off. There are what look like surveillance pictures of Det. Cole on the wall, and in the drum are singed, not-very-well-burned files on Delahoy, Banks and Beaumont. Kowalski was investigating the entire unit, and last night someone tried to destroy the evidence. Shraeger offers to call CSU, Walsh says no, let's keep this quiet. Shraeger gets called from her mom; apparently, she's missing dinner.

Back at the precinct, Banks asks Delahoy what was up with the train. Delahoy pops a pill, and Banks asks what that was; Delahoy says an aspirin, Banks is giving him a headache. Banks reveals that his father was hit by train at the age of 42. In fact, all of his male family members were dead at 42. Banks just turned 42, and that's why he wears a bulletproof vest. So if Delahoy wants to kill himself, don't do it when Banks is around.

At a ritzy shindig, Shraeger enters in a suit jacket and pants. Her snooty mom immediately glides up and says she looks like lesbian. I didn't like her before, and I hate her now. Shraeger's father walks up, looking smarmy, as Chris Sarandon usually does, and snits about his daughter the policewoman, saying that if they drove, she could fix tickets for them. Wow, I hate him even more than the mother. I think it's because it's Sarandon. Shraeger scans the guests, and spots an old schoolmate, whom they used to call "Captain Date Rape." She bets he's got coke on him, and starts to go frisk him, but her mother asks her not to harass her father's guests. They want her to meet some important people, but she can't do it -- she has to go, because a cop has been murdered, and it's her job. She lovingly says good-bye to her father, and he looks sad as she goes. Or just, you know, dickish.

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