The Unusuals Premiere

by Zach Oat April 9, 2009
Spring Pilot Season: The Unusuals

Walsh enters the precinct kitchen, and a seated Cole says he's sorry about Kowalski, even though he was a sinner and is probably in hell. Walsh asks about an "old case" of Cole's involving a man named "Navin Granger," who stole an armored car and dumped it in a quarry. Ring a bell? Cole says nope, so Walsh says he'll go ask the Sarge, but Cole stops him and confesses that he's Navin Granger, and Walsh can't tell anyone. He says he was a wild one back in LaGrange, being teenagerly, but he's changed since then, and this could ruin him. Walsh smiles: "We never had this conversation." He leaves. Cole immediately calls someone, and says he's in trouble.

Leaving the party, Shraeger sees Sgt. Brown across the street and runs over. Brown exposits that Shraeger is the daughter of Walter Shraeger, who was kicked out of six preps and dropped out of Harvard. He says he had her transferred because she couldn't be bribed or intimidated. He needs to get his house in order. There's stuff going on, and Kowalski is only a piece of it. Nothing is what it seems. Spooky!

Dispatch calls in a 1011 or somesuch on elderly twins in matching pink sweaters as Banks and Delahoy drag Snape over to an NYPD truck in the parking lot, before spraying him with some sort of pheromone and tossing him in the truck with three cats, who attack him. This seems like it could have ended badly, putting a cat-killer in a truck with three cats, although maybe they were half-hoping he would kill again? It works, though, as he confesses to the crime while being savaged by the felines. Delahoy and Banks stand outside and laugh, and when Delahoy goes to open the door, Banks tells him not yet. The screaming continues.

Walsh and Shraeger are having a half-assed breakfast at Walsh's diner when Alvarez calls. He's been at Shabu Shabu all night, and Walsh asks if it's the one on Queens Boulevard. Alvarez says, no, no, you said Rockaway Boulevard, but Walsh says that makes no sense, because the guy lives in Queens. This whole time, Alvarez is getting sprayed with a hose by a guy cleaning the sidewalk, and after he hangs up he goes after the guy. Shraeger asks Walsh how a baseball player became cop. Walsh says women don't think anyone should have secrets, but he thinks secrets make people. The he says that people see cops as garbage men who keep their secrets. He gets another call -- apparently, the frequent caller to Kowalski's was Malcolm Nicks, a 16-year-old drug dealer Kowalski busted once.

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