The Hawthorne Premiere

by Angel Cohn June 17, 2009
Summer Pilot Season: HawthoRNe

We see a guy lying in bed having what appears to be an orgasm. There's a pretty little blonde nurse, Candy (naturally), who just gave him a hand job. She considers it a thank you for the fact that this Corporal served our country. This doesn't appear to be a veteran's hospital, but whatever.

Morning nurses meeting. Christina says the incident in the early AM is being dealt with. A baby-voiced nurse says that no one died during the night. Christina chastises them for letting the old guy wander around unsupervised, but she's really nice about it. Perky nurse Kelly (Vanessa Lengies) informs Christina that nurses have complained about verbal abuse from doctors, and that the consensus is that paramedic Nick is really hot. She says that she's bringing up all their issues at an executive meeting later that day. I guess I buy her as a boss more than I buy Michael Vartan as a Chief of Surgery, or even a surgeon, but just barely. Candy shows up late saying that a patient needed some TLC, which garners some eye rolling among the surprisingly small group. Is this all the nurses in the hospital? Just the ones in the ER/ICU? It is unclear, but she made it sound like she was the boss of all the nurses and now there are only about twenty people in the room, for what looked like a decent sized hospital. I'm clearly overthinking this stupid show. Kelly needs volunteers to help with some benefit tea party thing. Christina and Bobbie (Suleka Mathew) are the first to volunteer.

After the meeting, Bobbie wants details on what happened, but Christina's not dishing. Bobbie also thinks that her pal should leave since she was supposed to have the day off to scatter her dead husband's ashes. Christina would rather work, and she sent her daughter to school as well. Wow. She's been busy since she got arrested at like 3 AM. Bobbie won't drop the issue and continues to push her. Apparently a Dr. Mizaki is on duty today, and Bobbie swears she can handle him, but Christina says that's her job. Candy's (Christina Moore) walking around, followed by puppy dog eyed Ray (David Julian Hirsh) who is staring at her ass. They head into the Corporal's room, where he makes some obligatory derogatory comments about male nurses and then alludes to the fact that Candy gave him a hand job. Corporal says he's got diabetes, and Ray says he'll try and track down the doctor since his blood sugar is high. But apparently Dr. Marshall is an elusive creature, at least according to Cheryl (Jillian Armenante), the nurse at the desk. Ray wants another opinion on the course of treatment for the Corporal.

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