The Philanthropist Premiere

by Mindy Monez June 25, 2009
Summer Pilot Season: The Philanthropist Now Teddy's telling the bartender o' exposition about Olivia, who runs his company's non-profit foundation, and who is one of the most extraordinary humans on the planet or something. Barxpo's like, "Whoa! Sounds like you two had a past." Which, of course, they did, because she's goddamn psychic, apparently.

Olivia turns out to be Neve Campbell, who I did know was going to be in this, so seeing her is less exciting. She is wearing a sleeveless yellow pirate shirt to work with a pencil skirt, if that matters to you at all. Also, she has one of those very tightly wound and complicated hairdos that only people portraying the elite on television can accomplish on a daily basis (see Ellen Parsons on Damages for further reference), so you know she means business. She's explaining to Teddy that they're sending a $100,000 check to a Nigerian relief fund, and Teddy's happy about that, but he wants to send some care packages to the hotel boy's town as well. She wants to know what happened in Nigeria and he won't tell her, opting to spazz out on a stapler instead. She takes his hands and they have an intimate moment where she asks why he's been so freaked out since he got back, and he almost looks like he's going to tell her, when Jesse L. barges in and she gets up to kiss him because -- revealed! -- she's his wife. Awk-ward! Oh well, don't worry, Neve Campbell. As far as I can tell he went fricking swimming in Nigeria is all. No reason to kill a stapler.

Before Neve and Jesse L. leave, Neve reminds Teddy that he promised to do a television interview about the link between corporations and giving, or something? It doesn't matter, it sounds like bullshit. The important thing is that someone named Julia called twice.

Barxpo asks about Julia, and we get to talk about Teddy's bodyguard for a bit while she pours him a shot because he can only talk about Julia when he's wasted. The good news is Teddy's bodyguard/driver turns out to be Omar from The Wire! That's a kick ass bodyguard! I am jealous of Teddy for the first and only time all episode. So anyway, Julia turns out to be Teddy's ex-wife, and after Omar drives him to her home, we see her furiously painting a room the most offensively cheery shade of bright yellow I've ever seen. The room, sadly, turns out to be the former bedroom of their deceased son, who died almost a year ago. She's been texting, emailing and calling Teddy non-stop, trying to tell him that she's given all of the boy's things away because she needs to move on. It's not as cold as I'm writing it, it's actually a very intense scene and the acting on both sides is really quite good. Teddy's seriously pissed, and tells her he'll never forgive her for this, and she's like, whatever, dick, I tried to tell you, and leaves him with a framed photo of their son and the blue spinning top he loved playing with, like what kid actually plays with spinning tops? They suck.

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