Summer Pilot Season: Warehouse 13 Cut to a woman toiling away in a cubicle in some government office dungeon, wearing a phone headset and some drab business casual. She gets a call from Myka, calling from a diner, and hey! Myka actually has a friend somehow! And her name is Minnie, and she's kind of awesome. She calls Myka "hotshot" and then brags about dating someone named Sean. It's funnier than it sounds. Myka needs all the information she can get from Minnie about the professor, ASAP. Minnie's all like, not a problem, because she's a wizard made of win.

Back to professor's phone call. He tells the person on the other end that the agents were asking him questions he can't answer without "getting you and me into a lot of trouble," and that the other person's boyfriend is quoting from "the book." Outside the diner Pete calls Artie (who is hilariously noodling on a giant Yamaha keyboard) and gives him the professor's translation. Artie spaces out in alarm, and asks a few times if Pete's positive that that's the correct translation and hangs up.

Myka and Minnie time. Minnie explains that the professor loves his Italian art, then the line gets all squiggly and Myka hears the dead blonde guy's voice saying, "Hey buddy" again. She drops the phone and runs out of the diner, chowing down on ice cream, which I highly doubt is sugar free! Pete catches up to her and tries to get to the bottom of why she's so traumatized she'd turn to soft serve and Myka tells him she thought she heard a voice over the phone she shouldn't have heard. He guesses it was the same voice she heard at Leerna's and suggests that it's post-traumatic stress from what happened in Denver. What goddamn happened in Denver to get that blonde guy killed, goddammit?! He reassures her that they'll figure this case out and get the hell out of Iowa. Then it dawns on her that the professor lied to them about not having been back to Italy in two years -- according to Minnie, he was just there eight weeks ago. They wonder what else he's lying about, and set out to interview Cody's girlfriend Emily.

Artie has torn his office up looking for "a picture." He gets on his awesome super computer with its quaint yet creepy old timey keypad and then yells, "Don't make me come down there!" to the warehouse itself. Then he duhs out about something and says, "Oh. Right."

Now we're in a classroom, where the professor has called up a picture on the projector himself. The classroom is empty, save a blonde woman whose face we can't see. He's telling her he doesn't know what he was thinking and that he shouldn't have taken "it" out of Italy. He's going to Rome next week and it's coming with him. He leans in to let her know he means business and she holds up a lighter in one hand, and a glowing object in the other. He is transfixed, just starring at the glowing thing.

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