Summer Pilot Season: Warehouse 13 But first, on the drive there, Myka figures out that the one time Pete felt his magics and didn't say anything was the day his firefighter father went off to work and Pete had an overwhelming feeling that he would never see him again. He turned out to be right, and still feels guilty about it.

Searching the professor's office now, Myka notices that one of his books is out of order, and finds the little book hidden behind it. She makes Pete open it, and he approaches it with such hilarious caution, like it's wired with C4. They see that an odd-shaped object is missing from the book, when Lorna shows up to kick them out for searching without a warrant. Then she says the professor killed himself because of a broken heart. You see, Lorna was with him for three years, when one day he up and dumped her for Emily, who she also believes broke Cody's heart. Lorna finds her despicable! They ask Lorna about the missing object, and Lorna's just like let's ask her ourselves, at the big play, which is going on tonight.

Artie finally gets the painting back to his office.

In the car on the way to rehearsal, Lorna starts talking crazy about how she's Cody's protector, and he's destined for great things, which is pretty much textbook crazy person. Suddenly Pete silently puts together that the sparkly comb in Lorna's hair is the exact same shape as the book's missing item, and asks Myka to pull over. Surprisingly, Myka agrees without a fight, but before she can pull over Lorna grabs the wheel and the car flips like 19 times! Wow, that looked expensive. And exciting! Commercials.

Myka wakes up suddenly in the hospital, scrapes all over her face. Dickenson is standing over her, explaining that she's still in Iowa and has been out for two days from the accident. Pet's still unconscious and they don't know yet how he's going to do. Dickenson takes her hand and we hear "hey buddy" again, and the camera pans up and we see that he has morphed into dead blonde guy. We know this is a dream sequence because she doesn't freak out. Also because the dead guy starts bleeding from his face and just keeps repeating, "You have to get up now. You have to get up now." really intensely at her.

She wakes up on the pavement outside the flipped car, gasping. She's remarkably unharmed, and runs around the car to drag Pete to safety. He's fine too, except for a wedgie, which, heh. Lorna's gone, of course, but she left the book behind in her hasty getaway. Pete tells her about Lorna's hair comb just as Artie calls on the Farnsworth to tell them they're looking for a comb, the one in the painting, which is also the one in Lorna's hair. We have a match! Myka's all like, yeah we know, the thing just made someone try to kill us. Artie starts rapid firing off questions about her, basically guessing the situation as "is she from the ruling class? Single, successful, she's middle aged, she's a survivor of family tragedy, she's connected somehow to a young man, a young man she believes needs her protection?" Yep, that's Lorna. Apparently the comb is turning her into Lucrezia Borgia, a cutthroat Italian woman who ruled Italy in the 1600s with her father and brothers, Myka explains. She knows all this because her family owned a bookstore. Alright.

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