Summer Pilot Season: Warehouse 13 Artie explains that Lucrezia wants love at any cost, which means she wants Cody, which means she's going to try to murder Emily at the play tonight. If they don't stop her, she will bring a reign of terror unto the town and the comb will become contagious, turning everyone in the world into rage zombies one by one. Whoaaaa.

Over at the community theater, Emily and Cody are trying to perform the play, but unfortunately the audience has turned into a keg party. The actors on stage don't seem to be affected for some reason, just proceeding with the show while looking annoyed that no one is listening to them.

Cody and Emily share a kiss just as Lorna walks in to glare at them through a fire. Lorna puts on this fur robe she finds in the wings, and walks out onstage to hold up the comb to the crowd. It starts glowing like it did when she was with the professor, and hypnotizes everyone as she chants the murdertalian. Coincidentally, the agents show up right as she's finished, so they don't get hypnotized.

They split up. Myka goes after Cody, and Pete approaches the crowd, which creepily all turn in unison to stare at him. They let him pass, though, and he makes his way through them to the stage, and to Lorna. Lorna strokes Cody's face because ew, and then he walks over and picks up zombie Emily and gets ready to toss her into the fire. Pete tells him to let her go, but to no avail. Lorna points the comb at the bonfire and it gets bigger. He draws his weapon on her, and she commands Cody to knock it out of his hands, which he does. Pete starts looking for a weakness in Lorna, asking her what she's afraid of. She turns around to see Myka now has a gun on her. Unfortunately for Myka, Lorna has become something of a mind reader herself. She tries to get under her skin with "you really let your lover die for a chance at glory?" So much Denver, you guys. Myka tells her to shut up, and Lorna hypnotizes her into turning the gun on herself. Pete springs into action, zapping Myka with the Tesla gun and sending her flying.

In the meantime, Cody has picked up Pete's regular gun and they have a standoff. Pete tries to fire the Tesla gun at him but it shorts out. Cody pulls the trigger and Pete flinches, but it was all for show -- he took the bullets out before he came on stage, saying "sorry, nobody's dying tonight." Then we hear Myka action movie "but you might lose a tooth!" as she punches Lorna out. Pete grabs the comb out of her hair and Myka tosses it into the neutralizer, curing everyone of their zombiedom.

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