Summer Pilot Season: Warehouse 13 And we're here, at the Warehouse 13. It's dingy. He doubts its endless wonder. He pounds on the door and shouts "Hello!" to no avail, when suddenly he looks up and a football is plunging down at him out of the sky. It nearly conks him, but he ducks. He's like a psychic cat, that Pete.

Then Myka drives up, of course. You know, for someone so organized and anal, you'd think she'd get there before him. They are not happy to see each other, but they're more weirded out by the whole thing than interested in fighting, especially when the Warehouse's front door opens ominously. They both unholster their weapons and approach with caution.

Then Saul appears behind them, wearing some combination of a straw hat, a lacrosse stick with a frisbee on it, his spare hobo outfit and like a leather jock strap maybe over his mouth? He apologizes for being late, but he "had to... fix the fish," which is actually a really brilliantly weird and mysterious line.

Pete recognizes him as the weirdo from the museum party, so he points his gun at him. Saul laughs it off, saying the bloodstone is in the warehouse, which is property of the U.S. government, as is he. So jovial, this guy! He explains that he also works for Mrs. Frederic, and that they can call him Artie. Myka asks for I.D. but he doesn't have any because his division is too secret for I.D.'s. Pete is satisfied for the moment, so he puts his gun away, but not before accusingly asking if Artie threw that football at him. His answer? "You weren't here when I threw it -- it... takes a while, to, uh, circle back." Alright, Artie is awesome.

He invites them inside for the grand tour, but Myka won't go without an explanation as to what she's doing there. Pete, on the other hand, will go inside for cookies. She follows Pete in. Artie stays outside to throw the football again, and we see it whoosh up the front of the warehouse and out into outer space or something.

The trio walks down a white tunnel to a retinal eye scan that Artie passes, and now we're in a cozy little old man office. There's a suit of armor and everything! Myka and Pete look around curiously at everything and eventually come to mouth of warehouse 13, a giant, giant warehouse that is way bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside, much like that crazy ass fridge on Eureka. The warehouse is full of all kinds of crap in crates.

Back in Artie's office, Myka again asks what the hell she's doing there, and Artie puts it to her plainly. Vaguely, but plainly. She and Pete will be joining him as gatherers and protectors of secrets. The warehouse needs their combined talents: Pete is intuitive, and she has a scrupulous eye for details. She thinks she's too valuable to be wasted there, blah, blah, blah, you know she's going to be totally on board by end of pilot, so I'm not recapping her protestations anymore.

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