Summer Pilot Season: Warehouse 13 While she runs out to do that thing I'm not talking about anymore, Artie finally gives Pete his cookie, and in doing so makes us aware that Pete has a wagon to fall off of. Looks like that drug test wasn't just procedure -- looks like he's got a cracky history. Anyway, during cookie time, Pete notices a black and white photo of Mrs. Frederic, standing with a bunch of CIA-looking guys. She looks exactly the same, but Artie explains that the photo was taken "a loooooong time ago," and that everyone else in the photo either died, disappeared, or ended up in a psych ward, which is exactly what you want to hear about your new boss first day on the job.

And OK, I know I said I'm not talking about this anymore, but after Myka finishes up a really inappropriate call to her boss demanding a transfer, Artie comes out to offer her some cookies, and to tell her she is standing on a giant pile of cow manure. So she's been chosen for this assignment because of her amazing and unrivaled attention to detail, but she can't detect a PILE of MANURE underneath her feet? They might want to consider granting her that transfer, because that is a pretty unmissable detail. Then she refuses his cookies because she doesn't eat sugar. Are we supposed to like her, or what? Because it's pretty hard, especially since Pete, Artie and Frederic are pretty awesome so far, and she's a cookie-hating shrew who doesn't know what manure smells like.

He tells her not to look at the assignment as a punishment, and that it has nothing to do with "what happened to you in Denver," which makes her stop cold. She indignantly asserts that she got a commendation for "what happened in Denver," and Artie condescendingly acknowledges that fact and plows right ahead, insisting it's time for that tour he's been dying to give since the dawn of cookie time.

Back in the warehouse, they are riding on a cute little tram, with hard hats and neon road vests on. Fun! Artie gives his tour guide speech while steering in the back, when suddenly they slow to a stop after Myka takes one of her hands off the safety bar. Artie orders Myka to keep both hands on the rail of the tram, because it's a conduit. The tram runs by the combined electrical energy of Pete and Myka's body heat, and it was built by Thomas Edison. Eventually, she puts her hands back on the bar, but it was like pulling teeth, I tell you.

They get to their stop and Artie hops off, when suddenly a giant bolt of neon blue comes zapping down the corridor. Artie orders them to duck, and the bolt passes by them. He explains that the bolt is harmless, just a side effect of the inventory kicking up static, whatever that means.

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