Summer Pilot Season: Warehouse 13 Still in the tram, Pete is grinning like an idiot, so amazed by all the awesome weirdness, which, c'mon, admit it -- you would be too. Myka hates it, of course, because she's just awful.

They get to the bloodstone, and Artie explains that the reason nerd got stabby was because of something called tangential energy contained in the bloodstone, which can affect other matter. Basically everything in the warehouse is being tucked away until they can understand what each item is. Meanwhile, Myka slams her bag down, listening, and a wallet on a shelf starts vibrating, unnoticed by any of them.

Artie puts the bloodstone in a crate and climbs a ladder to plop it down on a shelf. As he's coming down the ladder he stops suddenly, telling Pete to do everyone a favor and "clear your mind," in the most perfectly peculiar way. Myka snots "Well that should be easy" at him because I get it, show! She's a hose beast! We cut back to Pete, who looks down and notices that he seems to be holding some kind of tea kettle. He didn't pick it up and doesn't know how it got in his hand. Artie knows, of course. This happens sometimes with that particular tea kettle. The kettle also grants the wishes of whoever is holding it by reading that person's mind, which is why Pete needs to blank slate that situation, stat. Myka doesn't buy it, and she snatches the kettle, claiming that she has a wish. Once it's in her hands, a ferret pops out of it, which is what happens when someone wishes for something impossible, like a transfer out of Warehouse 13. Personally, I don't see why that has to be so impossible. At this point I'd take the naked caterer over her.

Anyway, Artie tosses the kettle into a "neutralizer," which is a drum of purple liquid. This is what we do with all the warehouse items when they get out of control. When the kettle goes into the goo, though, it causes the vibrating wallet to fall into Myka's bag.

Myka keeps shouting that this is crazy! This is crazy! While Pete is totally on board with the whole operation, even snuggling with their new wish ferret.

Artie kicks them out and sends them to Leena's Bed and Breakfast for the night, which is about seven miles up the road. They'll meet back at the warehouse in the morning.

They drive through the weird little military town and Myka gives Pete a ration of shit about his "atrocious" penmanship, and oh my god, I can't even tell you how much I hate people who get all judgmental about handwriting. First of all, it's not that person's (my) fault that they (I) write like a left-handed serial killer who is also a drunk doctor by day. Secondly, even if it were their (my) fault, the need to write things down is virtually non-existent because computers are the best, so the entire thing is a non-issue anyway. Thirdly, Myka's such a bitch! And her name keeps getting that awful "Grace Kelly" song from a few years ago stuck in my head, and I hate that song!

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