Summer Pilot Season: Warehouse 13 They get to the B&B and Pete momentarily gets me to change sides when he tells Myka to unbunch her panties, which, don't ever say that to a woman, asshole, but then gets me back again by just suggesting she make the best out of a bad situation. She doesn't want to. Shock.

They're greeted outside by Leena herself, who already has their rooms ready. She offers to get them some refreshments and Myka wants booze, which is weird for someone who is so healthy they don't even eat sugar, but Myka's a weirdo so I shouldn't be surprised by any of her inconsistencies at this point. Leena appears to be a mind-reader of sorts. She can tell Pete's lying when he says Myka hates traveling (even though, wouldn't that character totally hate traveling?), and then she stares at him until he's so uncomfortable he looks like he's going to vomit, and she tells him he's a lucky man because he's "in tune" or some new age crap. Then she leers at him suggestively, so from now on her name shall be Leerna. Obviously.

Myka starts settling into her room when the wallet pops out of her bag. Cut back to the warehouse, where we see the tag underneath the missing wallet's shelf. It belonged to Houdini, who was magic, apparently? Is that a real Houdini myth? Like, all the Tesla and Edison stuff on this show makes sense, because people say things about what those two guys were up to that is just nuts, but I thought we were all in agreement that Houdini was just a great performance artist. I may be wrong on this! In any case, the point is she's got Houdini's wallet.

Pete's bouncing on his bed a little bit and throwing pillows like footballs because he's nine.

Myka flounces down on her bed while fingering a photo of her and a blonde guy, when suddenly the blonde guy appears behind her on the bed, saying "hey buddy." She freaks out and he disappears.

Artie accepts a video conference from Frederic on a really cool-looking old timey science phone, and expresses concern over Pete and Myka's competence. Frederic is flippant about their fates and hangs up.

Nighttime at Leerna's. Myka is sugar free stress-eating on the porch in her jammies when Pete comes up behind her to share an expositional heart to heart. Here's what's important: Pete used to go camping with his dad a lot, but now his dad is dead. Myka's parents owned a bookstore in the land of Tesla, Colorado Springs. She has daddy issues as well. There is more talk of the mysterious Denver, which Myka refuses to talk about.

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