Talkin' Shop: A Q&A With Community's Dan Harmon

by Ethan Alter September 6, 2011
Community Q&A With Dan Harmon

TWoP: And finally, speaking of fan love, it's our pleasure to inform you that, after a record-breaking 26 million votes were cast this summer, Community won five 2011 Tubey Awards, including Best Comedy, Best Episode of a Comedy (for the season finale) and Most Underrated Show.

Harmon: Thank you, that's the obvious thing to say. It's all the more important, these expressions of fan support in a world where it's hard to tell anyone is watching the show using the old metrics. That many votes being cast for something and us winning in those many categories is really a profound statement about a silent majority out there watching the show. I'm really excited about that. They just bought us another six weeks of mouths with no guns in them.

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