Joan of Narcadia

by Zach Oat April 6, 2009
The Amber Tamblyn Interview

TWoP: So, in the first episode, your character, Det. Casey Shraeger, gets secretly assigned to investigate her co-workers' dark secrets. Aside from Casey's rich-kid background, which the audience learns about in the pilot, does she have any dark secrets?
No, it's not dark, you're just going to see Casey as a rookie get into some trouble, and also try to hide her past a bit.

TWoP: The initial run is ten episodes -- you've finished filming?
Yes, we just finished the last episode yesterday, and last night was our wrap party.

TWoP: Does anyone's past come to light in the first ten? Perhaps Det. Henry Cole, who we see has a hidden agenda?
Yes, very much so. Each character has some kind of strange conclusion for their character, and something involving something that's been going on the whole season, even if one's not the conclusion you think it's going to be. But its great, because there's not one character that's left waiting around, going, "All right, well, what does that guy do?" They're all very strong, and they're written very strong.

TWoP: Casey's partner, Det. Walsh, is a former major-league ballplayer, and he can tell what kind of underwear you're wearing just by looking. Any sparks between the two of them in the first season?
I... will let you find that out!

TWoP: How's it been different working on this show than on Joan of Arcadia? You're in New York, for starters.
You know, I really love this city. I love New York. I've never spent an entire full winter somewhere -- an East Coast winter, you know, because I was born and raised in Venice Beach, and that's quite different -- and they had a hard winter here this year, and I really love working in the cold. I loved it. We shot most of our stuff over the winter, which you'll notice when you watch the episodes, we're all breathing smoke it's so cold, but I love the atmosphere here, and the personalities. One of the great things is that the character actors in New York are so phenomenal, and you'll come to see some of them, a couple of them recur in such a funny way. I want to tell you about this one guy, his name's Marvin -- watch out for Marvin, he shows up like three times in our show, and he is so hysterical. But the thing about these characters is that I feel like they can only exist here, in a way that you could go, "Oh, yeah, I would definitely see that kind of crime happen here, or that person exist here." So that's been really great, shooting on the streets of New York, with this cast, and we've all become really, really good friends, so it's been wonderful.

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