The Chris Colfer Interview

TWoP: Well it's good that you have a backup career.
Colfer: Really, right! I never thought about that, but yeah, it really is.

TWoP: Did you ever imagine when you signed on for this little show that it would turn into this insane phenomenon?
Colfer: You know, I kind of had almost an emotional moment today, because I was standing right in front of Big Ben, and when I was in high school growing up in Clovis, California, Big Ben was on the cover of my school binder that I had every year. So no, it's been the most surreal Cinderella-like experience ever. I don't think I ever expected all of this to happen.

TWoP: The schedule seems very exhausting. You did a mall tour, then you filmed the show, then you're recording, choreography, and now the tour. It seems very demanding. Is it all worth it at the end of the day?
Colfer: Absolutely. It is a lot of work, and there are days when we're so tired, we literally fall asleep standing up. But to get to go to these places where kids scream and tell you things like you're their hero and you inspire them, you can't beat that.

TWoP: Have you only had positive fan reaction? Have you had any crazies yet?
Colfer: Well, the fans here in London are a little extreme, but I haven't had negative ones, only scary ones. People like to grab me when I go outside.

TWoP: You seem like the kind of person who women would just want to hug.
Colfer: They do, they do. Letting go is the trick. I'm fine when the hug me, they just need to learn to let go.

TWoP: What's the difference between being on tour and filming the show? What's your schedule like? What's your life like?
Colfer: It's very similar. We're all together with each other constantly, so it's a lot of the same faces... a lot. And we have other people that work on the show and worked on the tour and tour with us. It's kind of the same. When we did the music tour, we did two shows a day, we had 20 numbers each show, and the amount of energy we did for those tours is about the same amount of energy that's needed for our filming schedule.

TWoP: So we just saw the show's season finale, it was wonderful and a great first season. But the episode with you and Michael O'Malley and you singing "Rose's Turn": Heartbreaking, wonderful, and beautiful. The critics went gaga for that and your interaction with him -- What's been your reaction to their response?

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