It's Our Turn to Talk to Glee's Kurt

by Angel Cohn June 23, 2010
The Chris Colfer Interview Colfer: Actually, I got more response from the whole "Rose's Turn" storyline than I've ever gotten for anything else before. I had so much fun in that episode, just because I got to do so many different things. I had a whole range of things that I got to do. I got to do Butch Kurt, which I had a blast doing, because I thought it was hysterical that he could be butch. I loved singing "Pink Houses," because it's completely out of my own personal comfort zone and I knew that it'd be out of Kurt's comfort zone, too, so it totally worked out for the best. Then filming that one scene with Mike was really powerful. Honestly, I've never worked with an actor who had as much passion as he does. And getting to do "Rose's Turn" was so much fun because it was just me and our crew one late night in the theater, and it was just me and the audience -- I loved it.

TWoP: It was very Broadway, which I adore.
Colfer: God, it was so Broadway, it hurt. That's probably why I liked it so much.

TWoP: Was that your favorite song to sing, or did you have a different song throughout the course of the first season that you just loved?
Colfer: I think "Rose's Turn" was my favorite. I really love to do songs with emotion, because I grew up doing theater, and that's how the music is -- it's like music is always symbolic to what the character's going through. That was the most emotional number that I've done so far, so that's been my favorite.

TWoP: Is there a song that you're desperate to sing next season that you really hope they put in?
Colfer: Well, Kurt's done "Defying Gravity" and "Rose's Turn," so I think "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" is next in line, I can only imagine. Or some ridiculous other female ballad would be fun.

TWoP: Have you stolen any of Kurt's wardrobe? There's been some pretty fabulous pieces there. Colfer: Um... a few things might have come up missing. For the must part, I'm so different from him, I would never wear half the things he would wear. And since the show's gotten so big, I wouldn't want to wear anything that would draw attention to me when I'm out in public. But I did keep the Gaga shoes for memorabilia.

TWoP: Or just to wear around.
Colfer: Yeah, when I'm walking around the house. Or grocery shopping.

TWoP: So you're on Twitter. How's that been? Are you ever afraid of Twittering something late at night and being like, "Oh my God, I can't believe I said that" the next day?

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