Kane and Able

by Zach Oat July 21, 2009
The Christian Kane Interview

TWoP: When does your album come out?
The single comes out the 22nd. I dicked the fans over so hard last year by saying, "Oh, I've got an album, I've got an album," and then I parted ways with Sony, we just couldn't get along. And so the 22nd of July you'll be able to get the single, it's called "Let Me Go," and Bob Ezrin and Jimmie Lee Sloas. Those guys collaborated. Bob Ezrin did The fucking Wall by Pink Floyd. He did all the KISS albums, it's unbelievable what this guy has done, and he heard some of my stuff and wanted to work together, and I said, "Whatever you want, Bob, are you kidding me?" He's a rock legend. So on the 22nd, "Let Me Go" is gonna be available. I picked that date because "The Tap-Out Job" is coming out, and it's -- I wouldn't say it's my episode, because so many people carry that thing, but it kind of features Eliot's fighting. So I thought, what a great time to release a love song at the same time?

The Christian Kane-centric Leverage episode "The Tap-Out Job" airs Wednesday, June 22 at 9 PM ET on TNT, and you can find out more about his new single at his website.

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