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by admin March 25, 2009
The Christina Applegate Interview

Samantha Who? is coming back this week. You remember that show, right? It is about... oh, we forget. Actually we can't forget this charming comedy about an amnesiac, but it sometimes seems like ABC does. The show has gotten shuffled around since its first season for a variety of reasons. The writers' strike, The Bachelor's sudden resurgence, and who knows what else. Now it is back and on Thursday nights at 8:30, paired together with new comedy In the Motherhood, in the time period formerly belonging to Ugly Betty. But the show isn't there for long, as star Christina Applegate explains, as it seems that Who will soon become "When" very shortly.

TWoP: Hi. Nice to talk to you today. How are you doing?

Christina Applegate: I'm good. How are you?

TWoP: Good. I'm excited that the show is coming back after this long hiatus.

CA: Yeah. You and me both.

TWoP: How do you feel about the new night?

CA: I don't know yet. I'm a big Thursday night watcher. So I... not that I want to add my own face to my evening but I'm happy to (kind of) be there with Grey's and of course with Megan Mullally [who stars on In the Motherhood], I would love to follow her anywhere. She's fantastic.

TWoP: So I watched the first new episode and it's very fun and charming and everything we like about the show. But they added this twist where she's learning about the world via television. Will that continue?

CA: No. I think that was just sort of for that episode. She'll have other learning instruments as we go along.

TWoP: Well, being a site about TV, we can appreciate that.

CA: I really did like that. I thought we were going somewhere with that but I don't know, maybe they'll bring it back.

TWoP: Anytime I learn something about history, "I'll be like oh yeah I was watching the History Channel."

CA: I learn about all sorts of things that way. I watched two hours of Million Dollar Yachts the other day. I know every there is to know about yachts.

TWoP: Like about the miniature appliances on them?

CA: No it's how much they make. How much they cost to make. How fast they can go.

TWoP: Wow.

CA: Yeah, it was really thrilling. [Laughs]

TWoP: Who is the funniest person to work with? 'Cause it seems like such a good group of people.

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