Heroes' Mommy Dearest Heats Things Up

by admin September 25, 2008
The Cristine Rose Interview

TWoP: Were you able to do anything during the down time? Or were you just kind of waiting in limbo?

CR: I did a little work, mostly in limbo. It was just a nice time to be with family and friends and not much happened.

TWoP: Okay. Well now a lot is going to happen cause this whole new season is villains. I'm still trying to figure out who's good. Who's bad. It's all very up in the air.

CR: And it continues to be. It's like mercury, trying to pin any of these characters down sometimes. And there is a final settling halfway through this particular arc when you see sides being chosen. But even those seem to shift and change. Always from the very beginning of the show individual characters seem to teeter on that edge of good and evil. It's part of the excitement. It's part of the reflection of humanity I find in the show, that in life we all choose between doing good or evil on a daily basis. In the case of Heroes the fate of the world hangs in the balance, so it's a little more important.

TWoP: Is it hard for you as an actress not to know what's coming? Is Angela good? Is she bad? Is she in between somewhere? Is it hard to figure out how to play her?

CR: You know I have had a couple of times when I feel like I've gotten stuck. But as a long as I try to maintain the core humanity, the heart of Angela... It's so hard to say because she really, I believe her intent is to do good. Her intent is to protect her children. To love her children. But then she's willing to sacrifice them for a cause. She's willing to tell one brother to kill another brother. One thing that has happened this season is I have had the opportunity to find out what happened 18 months ago. I found out more about how she came to be the hard ass she is right now. You know she might not always have been quite like that. But she was always a part of the Company. That cabal. But something happened a couple of years ago that flipped a switch in her that caused her to go down one particular road. I got to find that out this year.

TWoP: That sounds exciting.

CR: But is it difficult to play this role where you find out something new about her every week, no... it's a challenge. I like playing puzzles, and this is like getting a separate piece of the puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle every week and trying to fit that one in and maybe that one doesn't fit with anything so we put it up near the sky for right now and you just play that scene for what it's worth. Tim Kring and the writers are so brilliant that ultimately that piece of sky will link with a tree down here in the left hand corner. So it's a great game. Does that make sense?

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