Heroes' Mommy Dearest Heats Things Up

by admin September 25, 2008
The Cristine Rose Interview

TWoP: That big apartment.

CR: Yeah. And now Angela...Angela...she...

Heroes' Helpful Publicist David Gardner: I think in November she comes into contact with a great number of people.

CR: I don't want to get into trouble.

Gardner: It's OK. So in episode 2...

CR: I take over the Company. And just because of that I come into contact with a lot of people. My power grows exponentially. And that doesn't mean that I'm any more effective than I have been because with power does not come control necessarily.

TWoP: So that answers my are you worried you're going to get killed off soon question.

CR: Well... in fact the people that have headed up the Company are all dead ultimately. So it's not a great position to be in.

TWoP: Everybody seems to come back. Death is sort of relative on the show.

CR: Exactly. Ambiguous death.

TWoP: So. Lots of more cool clothes for you this season?

CR: I love my clothes. We're getting even cooler. A lot of black. Not a lot of pink and yellow in Angela's wardrobe. They do a great job.

TWoP: Tough girls don't wear pink.

CR: Not in my world anyway. Black. Black and white. A little bit of brown thrown in. That's pretty much your palate.

TWoP: So you've done a ton of shows. I was just looking at your bio. It's enormous. Why do you think all of a sudden this show really caught on and your character has really caught on?

CR: All thanks goes to [creator] Tim Kring. I mean he's just so wonderful and writes this wonderful character. I did a show for him a couple of seasons ago, Crossing Jordan, and in it I played a very high-powered mother who doesn't want to see the corpse of her son. whom she disowned some years prior. He was a drug addict. And then she collapses at the end of the show. I always felt that those qualities in that particular role fed into this particular character. Tim and I have never had that conversation but I'm thinking perhaps that might have made me eligible for consideration for Angela.

TWoP: He kept you in his mind.

CR: I am always amazed that any given actor is working on any given day. 'Cause the chances of getting cast are so small. Or especially in a pilot, let alone the pilot getting picked up. Letting alone the pilot actually taking on. And then the chances of it becoming a big hit go up exponentially. I'm just overwhelmed by this experience and I'm just savoring every single day.

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