Heroes' Mommy Dearest Heats Things Up

by admin September 25, 2008
The Cristine Rose Interview

Gardner: There's two big surprises you might want to speak to if you're speaking to fans for week two. Obviously the villains escape, Sylar is captured. And this show does two pretty surprising things. Just to fill you in basically, Ms. Petrelli pretty much, as it turns out, Sylar attacks Elle and as [Co-Executive Producer] Jeff Loeb says: It's probably not a good idea to cut into a woman made of lightning. Elle explodes. Shuts down the grid. Releases the villains. And subsequently, Ms. Petrelli says that her resources are no longer needed.

TWoP: So how does one shut her down?

CR: You don't shut her down. You just send her away. And I set my sights on my son... Sylar.

TWoP: Wait. What? Okay.

CR: Okay? That's the cliffhanger of episode 2. I send Elle away. And she goes away saying what do I do? I'm looking at Sylar and saying just get away. Go away. And I go in. Sylar has been caught. He's just powerless and lying there strapped in, and I welcome him into my family. And I inform him that he is indeed my son. Then she's bending down and saying he has to be strong for what's to come. Now that leads you into episode three, where we discover how Angela is going to prepare Sylar for whatever she has planned. Saving the world once again. Mama Petrelli is always working.

TWoP: I knew she was a mastermind.

CR: She's insane...No she's not insane. She just has a lot of plans. Many of which have fallen to naught. But she's got yet another wonderful plan to control the chaos of this life. But think about it. She's going to control chaos and defeat evil with one of the most potently evil characters on the show. So what is on her mind? How is she going to do that? And if indeed she can get him all revved up and capable back with some powers of his own, how is she going to reign in the insanity that is Sylar.

TWoP: He killed his last mother. Now I'm worried.

CR: Yeah. Exactly. So how does she plan to take care of this. Will it be with love. Will it be with some scientific method or does she get a babysitter? Is there someone from the show we can get to babysit Sylar? There are all these potentials.

TWoP: Oh my god.

CR: I know. I'm glad to hear you excited. The insanity continues. How do you control evil with evil?

TWoP: I was going to ask the stupid question of what power would you like Angela to have. But it sounds like it doesn't matter cause she'll just find someone to do stuff for her.

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