We Demand a Recount

by Angel Cohn May 22, 2008
The Danny Strong Interview

TWoP: Your loyal Buffy and Gilmore fans will be happy to hear that.

DS: Aw... tell them I say, 'Hello, and I love them all'!

TWoP: Do you run into any of them ever?

DS: [Laughs] Yeah, several times a week.

TWoP: Do you go to any of the conventions or anything like that?

DS: I haven't in a few years, but there was a three-year period with Buffy that I flew all over the world going to conventions. I've got to tell you, it was the best job I ever had.

TWoP: It's crazy to think about the worldwide impact of that little TV series.

DS: Yeah, I was literally in England and Scotland and Australia and Canada... That was a tremendous experience getting to do that. It is amazing. You show up and you are a Beatle for a weekend, and you get a free trip.

TWoP: Nothing wrong with that.

DS: No, not at all. It 's great. I just don't have as much time for it as I used to.

TWoP: You were on one of the most controversial episodes [of Buffy], and it actually got pulled for a bit because it involved gun shooting. Did you realize when you were making it that it was going to have such a big impact?

DS: No! We shot the episode, "Earshot," and then the week it was going to air, Columbine happened. It was just such an unbelievable tragedy at that time and the WB decided not to air the episode at that time because I think it was going to air two days later. I totally agreed with the decision. I think it would have been extremely insensitive to air at that moment. They pulled the season finale as well, for similar reasons, which was unnecessary, because the season finale had a giant snake. I thought that was maybe a little much.

TWoP: Because that might not happen in real life.

DS: Yeah. But pulling "Earshot" I thought was a really responsible decision, and I'm glad that they did air it several months later.

TWoP:It was such an incredible episode.

DS: Yeah. Jane Espenson, what a writer, huh?

TWoP: [Laughs] Yeah, Jane [who has been a writer/producer on Buffy, Gilmore and Battlestar Galactica] has done just a few little things.

DS: She's a wonderful human being too. She's one of my closest friends. I really love her.

TWoP: Did you get any tips from the writing staff when you were starting out?

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