Veronica's Dad Is Back in a Flash

by Angel Cohn July 8, 2008
The Enrico Colantoni Interview

EC: [Sighs.] Oh, Lost, I know, I know.

TWoP: What else do you have going on now?

EC: I just heard that My Mom's New Boyfriend went to DVD. Which was an Antonio Banderas/Meg Ryan movie.

TWoP:Oh really? And that went straight to DVD?

EC: George Gallo wrote and directed it and I was really, really happy with it and it's really funny... but then I found it went direct to DVD, so...

TWoP:Well, I can tell people to go rent it.

EC: Yeah, or something. But I sort of like the flash-bang of the premiere and going to the movies and seeing it.

TWoP: You want to get all dressed up?

EC: Why, yeah, you want to get all dressed up's sort of like opening night at the theater.

TWoP:I think we can get somebody to come up and take your picture in the video store.

EC: [Laughs.] They should actually start doing that.

TWoP:Yeah, like have you walking into a Blockbuster...

EC: Yeah like a full-on red carpet, leading up to a Blockbuster Video. That would be fun.

TWoP: Anything else that you're working on?

EC: You know [this show] just takes up most of my time... but because I'm in Canada -- well, not because I'm in Canada but because I'm on a TV show -- I've got a screenplay that I'll be directing here, hopefully in the fall, maybe in the spring. That's sort of all-consuming, when I'm not wearing a police uniform. Then, of course, there is the roller-coaster ride of fatherhood that I enjoy very much, as well. I don't know how much else I could be doing.

TWoP: It sounds like you're kind of busy.

EC: Yeah and it's fun, my life is like that, I don't know what I would do without the busy. What would we do without the busy?

TWoP: I don't know.

EC: You know, we talk about winning that elusive lottery and retiring, but I'd be bored.

TWoP: I think about the whole sitting-on-a-beach-relaxing thing and it kind of makes me nervous.

EC: Yeah, like for a week, it's good. And then back to the chaos.

TWoP: Right, I like the chaos.

EC: I know, I define myself by the chaos. [Laughs.]

TWoP: So coincidentally, my co-worker and I share an office, she had never seen the first season of Veronica Mars, so we've been working our way through.

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