Veronica's Dad Is Back in a Flash

by Angel Cohn July 8, 2008
The Enrico Colantoni Interview

EC: You know? Who would he be friends with? Oh, you know what they should do? Cliff... Cliff, the spin-off.

TWoP: And then you could come visit sometimes.

EC: Right? Exactly. That could help him out. He should have a spin-off.

TWoP: There you go. Let's get on that. We'll work on that. You're so busy, so... you wouldn't have time anyway.

EC: Right.

TWoP: So what else can we expect on Flashpoint? The first episode is very focused on a hostage situation.

EC: The next episode is another critical incident where it sort of touches on the personal lives of these people, and you'll get to know more about my character. It's just going to be a roller-coaster ride of excitement. I think every episode is just so beautifully shot and exciting, and it's just a lot of flashbacks and it really looks gorgeous. I think, you know, I think it's the greatest TV show ever.

TWoP: Ever?

EC: [Laughs.] I'm taking that from the Arnold Schwarzenegger book of promotion.

TWoP: Okay, I'll put that as the title of the article. "Enrico's On the Greatest TV Show Ever."

EC: Yeah, but you've got to say it in an Austrian accent.

TWoP: You seem a very fun guy, and you used to do the sitcom Just Shoot Me, but it seems like you're going towards the drama now. Is that on purpose?

EC: No, you know what, it kind of is. I always sort of get what I ask for. But I'm always sort of the last to figure it out. Does that make sense?

TWoP: Um... so you wanted...

EC: I wanted to do more drama and here's the drama, I wanted to be in Canada because I missed home and here I am. And now you're right, now I sort of pine for those days of the camera comedy sitcom. I miss it a lot... I miss it a whole bunch.

TWoP: I love you no matter what, but I kinda miss the funny a little bit, sometimes. I think they should just get you a guest gig on a role on a show.

EC: Maybe, yeah. It would be a blast because it's theatrical and it's alive and lively and I miss that, I miss that a lot. So maybe we'll add some kind of harmonic conversion, something that sort of breathes into being.

TWoP: Yeah, we'll work on that. We're going to have you so busy for the next ten years, you have no idea.

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