Veronica's Dad Is Back in a Flash

by Angel Cohn July 8, 2008
The Enrico Colantoni Interview

EC: Yay Angel, you're an angel, look at that!

TWoP: That's going to be my goal. To see what we can get you cast in, during all my spare time, it's fine, I have nothing going on. Seriously, this is it.

EC: That's a TV show!

TWoP: Yeah, I think they may have done that already though.

EC: Really?TWoP: The show about nothing, maybe?

EC: The show about nothing...

TWoP: Vaguely sounds familiar. [Laughter.]

EC: By day, you interview people and by night, you make their dreams come true.

TWoP: Oh my gosh, I could be like a genie!

EC: Right?

TWoP: Okay, we'll work on it I'm really, really, if you haven't guessed, happy to see you back on TV.

EC: Thank you, are you in New York right now?

TWoP: I am in New York right now. [This conversation somehow rambles on to end up with the fact that I have a 2-year-old kid and live in New Jersey. Trust me, this is interesting to no one but me, so I will spare you.]

TWoP: Does parenting get easier?

EC: Yeah, I think so, and then it gets harder.

TWoP: Oh, right -- teenagers. I'm blocking that whole thing out of my head.

EC: But I haven't even started to deal with that yet. Mine are still ten and seven, and they're the absolute most fun. This is exactly where I've always wanted them to be, you know? Why does it have to change? Come on!

TWoP: So all you have to deal with now is an obsession with Hannah Montana?

EC: Not yet, thank God. They're really sweet and I love their relationship. I was just reading a lot about that Billy Ray Cyrus guy and that's nice, he loves his daughter and he should. But mine, they sort of skipped all that, they're pretty mature, they're already playing Sims and like, computer games and -- you know what, I catch them watching South Park, can you believe that?

TWoP: Wow.

EC: I go, "What are you watching this for?" "It's funny dad, it's funny." "Yeah, I guess it is." [Laughs.]

TWoP: You know, they're always going to sneak something... if South Park is what they're going to sneak, that's not the worst thing in the world.

EC: I know... they're developing such a cool sense of humor.

TWoP: So aside from your busy life, do you watch anything on TV, aside from being bitter about Heroes and confused about Lost?

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