Veronica's Dad Is Back in a Flash

by Angel Cohn July 8, 2008
The Enrico Colantoni Interview

EC: [Laughs.] You boiled it down for me. You just boiled my whole existence. My whole beingness. Oh, you know what? I'm a hockey fan, I watch hockey and I listen to the news.

TWoP: Being a hockey fan is mandatory in Canada, right?

EC: It sort of is, it's a prerequisite to being Canadian.

TWoP: Are you allowed to pick non-Canadian teams to watch?

EC: Hmm, ethically as a default team, but your first choice team is the Leafs or the Canadiens.

TWoP: Okay. You watch the news?

EC: I do.

TWoP: Isn't that depressing, too?

EC: Well, otherwise I won't know what the heck is going on. And then when you watch TV, I don't even know what's on, because I know there's a whole bunch of summer stuff going on.

TWoP: Oh yeah, there's some fabulous reality shows on right now.

EC: See that's another reason why I don't watch TV. It's like watching a car accident, that reality TV.

TWoP: Well, promise me right now that we're not going to see you on Celebrity Circus or anything like that.

EC: If you do, walk up to me and put a bullet in my head. No, I'm kidding, a lot of people have fun doing those things.

TWoP: I know, but...

EC: I know, but, you know, I don't know. It's not even that celebrities are doing that kind of thing, because that's kind of fun, but it's the real people. I don't want to see some poor guy getting intervened. You know what I mean? I take that stuff to bed with me. You know what I mean? I couldn't watch ER in the beginning because I would just wake up having nightmares.

TWoP: And yet you're on a show about, you know, kidnapping and all that stuff...

EC: You know, I love doing it. I'd love to be on a show like ER. Just watching it is like, "Phew." I loved watching Veronica Mars. Buffy was a big... I loved Buffy. I would go out of my way to watch Buffy.

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