The Fug Girls Interview

WC: The casting people have modeling software to see how the people are going to look when it's over.

H: It's true, the girls really do look good when it's over.

J: Everybody does! It's such a good show. I'm very invested in everybody now.

H: This is the first season where I've watched it from the very beginning, and that was hard, because last season I picked up after a couple of people had already gone home, and watching from the beginning this time, there wasn't anybody that I really wanted to go home. I'm all, "They all need to lose weight!" And some of them, if they go home, I don't know if they will.

WC: The first people, the green team, the dad? I was like, "He's not losing any weight at home.

J: No, I know.

WC: He's all set.

J: It's so inspiring. I cry.

WC: Oh my God, I cry too.

H: The ones who want to lose weight so they can live, dammit, live?

J: Or for their children!

H: Losing weight for the children, it's going to get me.

WC: But this year, the white team? The wife? When she was there, I was like, "She's not even fat."

J: No! I know!

WC: Give me a break. She can totally shop at Forever 21. She needs to get off The Biggest Loser. And the rest of the contestants obviously thought that I was right. So -- fashionable shows. The two big shows we're supposed to be all interested in -- I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.

H: I think I do.

WC: Cashmere Mafia or Lipstick Jungle?

H: I say Cashmere Mafia.

J: Me too.

WC: Because of Pat Field?

J: I think what we've learned is, in the Sex & The City-like cocktail, the piece you need is Darren Star. It is not Candace Bushnell.

H: We could have predicted from Melrose Place.

J: He worked on that one too. Lipstick Jungle is fine, but Cashmere Mafia is deliciously bad.

H: Yeah.

J: It's crazy!

H: The show's more fun; it's a lighter show.

WC: And it got more buzz ahead of time because there were those crazy-ass shots of Lucy Liu where people were like, "What in the hell is she wearing?"

H: She's wearing a fur hoodie while jogging?

J: You know what? I'm excited about the Sex & The City movie. I'm excited and I don't care who knows it. It may not be cool to be excited about it, but I am. I just saw the preview last week, and everyone looks great in it, and that's all I really care about. You know what's gonna happen? I'm gonna watch it now.

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