Good Timing

by Jacob Clifton September 23, 2011
The Good Wife: The Story So Far

Even as the trap was closing, Kalinda was opening escape hatches. She used her own grand jury trial to frame Blake for having an affair with Bishop's wife, taking him off the board. She gave Will her notice and left to work for her married girlfriend's security company. She even tried to take Alicia aside before the news hit, but circumstances conspired. And in the end, she landed right back at Lockhart, Gardner: Her first job would have placed her right back in Peter Florrick's State's Attorney's office, as though the last several years -- and identities -- had never happened. (Her helpless giggle at this latest irony, although extremely dark and on an already dark day, was about the only thing that kept the sanity going, in that moment.)


So what about Peter? For every conversation you've had or overheard about Kalinda, I'm guessing there's a conversation that ignored him. It's easy to view him as a nonentity, an obstruction to various story or shipper goals, a scary opponent or corrupt and irrelevant, but his role in the coming season couldn't be more interesting or frightening. Whether or not Alicia follows up on her newfound fame -- and whether or not the Congressional scandal that has brought her travails back into the limelight is still an issue in the coming season -- Peter's political ambitions will only grow, and continue to tangle her up.

He's enlisted Cary Agos specifically for his enmity toward Alicia, Eli will be running all future campaigns from inside the L/G offices, and the onetime necessity of Alicia's public support is now turning the other way, as she learns to employ that relationship -- or at least its assumed meanings -- for her own purposes. We've seen Jackie go full-on Livia Soprano for her son (when she attacked Pastor Isaiah's father and even tried to oust Eli Gold, not to mention the time she awesomely attacked that woman with a garden hose) so there's no telling what she'll do once the separation goes public. And the kids will always be there, expressing Alicia's ambivalence in their own shifting allegiances.

And as for Will, well, we've only seen more and more rusty spots on that shining armor. His feet of clay haven't really ever been a secret, but the accusations -- his mysterious connection to Blake, his willingness to bend the law until it snaps, his avid sharktank tactics during the Bond year, his Peter Pan syndrome with Tammy, the intimations of embezzling -- really piled up over the course of Season Two.

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