Walt! In the Name of the Law!

by Zach Oat April 14, 2009
The Harold Perrineau Interview

When you first left Lost, you filmed a pilot called Demons, about exorcists. Were you disappointed it didn't get picked up?
Perrineau: Yes and no. I'm disappointed because any job that you do, you want that job to work out. But there was one thing about Demons I was a little nervous about, because Demons dealt with the supernatural and the Devil and stuff like that, and I have to say I'm a little superstitious. Like, if you keep calling it out, does it actually start to manifest itself? There was a line in Demons where one of the characters says "You know, the Devil doesn't care if you're playing or not. If you keep calling him, he'll show up." And that kept ringing in my head, like "Oh my God... [Laughs.] 22 episodes trying to cast up the devil? What's my life gonna be like?! " So yes and no. The superstitious part of me is like "Whew! Dodged a bullet!" but my other work part is like, Barbara Hall is a really fantastic writer, and I would have liked working with her. And I'd been dying to work with Ron Eldart for a really long time. So those things I'm disappointed about.

When people recognize you on the street, do they run up and yell "WAAALLLLT!" at you?
Perrineau: Unfortunately, yes sir, they do. [Laughs.] There are a number of people who do that. The cool thing about shooting in New York is that a lot of people recognize me from Oz, so it feels like "Ah, welcome back home!" So it's pretty cool, but in other places, I have been startled more than once by someone screaming "Walt!" when I'm crossing the street with my daughter in my arms.

Check out Perrineau in The Unusuals Wednesday nights at 10/9 Central, after Lost on ABC. Read our recap of the first episode here, and read our interview with series star Amber Tamblyn here!

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