Ted and Loving It

by Zach Oat June 30, 2009
The Jay Harrington Interview

In last week's episode, we saw a return of some of the flirtatiousness between Ted and Linda. Will there be more this season?
Yeah, In the next few [episodes], you will, and certainly, what he finds in Linda is what he's been looking for in the crazy world of Veridian Dynamics. I talked to Victor briefly about what we'll see next time when we come back, and he said that that will always be there, but Ted makes the decision based on his "one office affair" rule, among others, that he's going to go out and look and start dating. I think the idea is that it will give him the information he needs that Linda is the one that he wants to be with. But he takes all the responsibility on himself. He feels like he blew the chance by hooking up with Veronica.

What do you think of your female co-stars, Portia de Rossi and Andrea Anders?
I have such a great time with them, and they're from such different schools of training and backgrounds. I've watched Portia a lot, and I've watched Andrea a lot in her stuff, both Joey and The Class, because at that time I was doing pilots and stuff on network, whether they went or not, and it was kind of within the time frame of Andrea's stuff. And Portia, she's just a pro, you know? She comes to work, she's got everything. With comedy, I think it's so important, especially in TV, to know and trust what the writers are writing and just have it down. And she was very helpful with me, when I would be in almost every scene, and she would pull me aside sand say, "Hey, we got stuff for Friday, we have that big scene, let's go work on it, let's go do it, do it, do it." So that when we went in the room, and everyone's standing around waiting to set it up and light it, we were bringing our "A" game, and that then allows you to have fun and play and find different beats and moments. You could see a TV executive saying, "Well, she's great, and she's great, but they're both blonde, so let's go find a brunette somewhere." But they're so different, and they bring so much to their characters that it really makes it [work], I think.

Ted's ex was mentioned in the last episode -- will we ever get to meet her?
Not in the episodes coming up, and I'm not sure if we come back [to it]. She could very well turn into the Vera of Cheers, or the -- who was the character on Frasier we didn't see? Niles' wife? But we might -- talking to Victor, again, he was talking about Ted's background. He's wearing a suit, and he's in a conservative environment, in a sort of a right-wing conservative company, but if his wife is off to save the world, then there's probably a part of Ted that was like that in his past as well. So we're talking about looking into that and seeing where Ted came from, and why he ended up at Veridian.

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