My Boys Girl Speaks Out

by Angel Cohn March 30, 2009
The Jordana Spiro Interview

My Boys, TBS's buddy comedy about a sportswriter and her best pals, is back for its new season. It resolves the cliffhanger from last season's finale, where PJ (Jordana Spiro) was flirting with the brother of her longtime crush Bobby, since Bobby was about to walk down the aisle with someone else. But did Bobby change his mind? And if so, which guy did PJ pick? Jordana Spiro spent some time chatting with us recently and answered some of our questions (though for the answer to the Bobby situation, you'll have to watch and see who she chooses in the season premiere).

TWoP: How are you doing?
Jordana Spiro: I'm doing great, thank you.

TWoP: I just watched the first two episodes.
JS: What did you think?

TWoP: The second was very, very funny.
JS: The second one was the sport column... the sports columnist one?

TWoP: No. It was the one where the guys are on a stakeout to find out who PJ is dating.
JS: Oh yeah. Jaime Kaler went to town with that mustache.

TWoP: Whose mustache was your personal favorite?
JS: Um. Oh, God. Well, I mean-- you know, I thought Brendan can actually pull it off. He looks like the lead singer of the Killers to me. For sure, Kenny's was the most ridiculous. He did look like he was panning for gold. Like everything... with those mustaches, they just, like... they were so gross they just keep trying to kiss Kellee [Stewart] and I to gross us out. They would like keep their lunch in their mustaches and try to kiss us. They turned into little brothers. It was so disgusting.

TWoP: Being on the set sounds like it's a lot like the actual show.
JS: Yeah it feels pretty seamless as to when we're rolling and when we're not. Sometimes the line gets very blurred.

TWoP: Which is good and bad, I guess?
JS: It's pretty good.

TWoP: As a fan, I wanted more than nine episodes.
JS: So did I.

TWoP: Have you finished filming all nine of them?
JS: No. We're shooting right now we're shooting our seventh episode. So we are winding down, which makes me sad, but we're still kind of in the thick of it.

TWoP: Have you been doing anything fun in the off season?
JS: I did a movie that's going to come out in August, I believe was the latest, called The Goods: The Don Ready Story, with Jeremy Piven and Ed Helms and Rob Riggle and James Brolin, a really amazing cast of comedians and actors. And then I also moved back to New York, which is where I'm from. And luckily, we're shooting the show at the perfect time, 'cause I got to come back to Los Angeles at the height of winter, so that was very helpful. But yeah, it's nice to be back in New York and actually remember what seasons look like.

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