My Boys Girl Speaks Out

by Angel Cohn March 30, 2009
The Jordana Spiro Interview

TWoP: Now you're filming at exactly the right time out there.
JS: My friend called me one day, and he was outside, and you could hear his jaw was frozen. You know when you're walking, and your face is so cold that you can hardly talk? And he said, "It's raining and snowing at the same time." I didn't even know that was possible. I was sitting in my chair in flip-flops and shorts.

TWoP: So I'm pretty excited we finally find out what happened at the end of the cliffhanger. I don't want to spoil it for the fans. But were you happy with the way that it got resolved?
JS: Yeah. I was really happy with it, and it's hard to talk about without giving it away but... Yes, I was very happy. It was kind of funny to talk to people about it and hear about which brother they wanted me to go with. It was a sort of funny personality test. Because one is sort of the proverbial tall, dark and handsome -- always struggling, always suffering, always troubled -- and one is bright and shiny and sweet, and anyway, it's funny who wants drama in their life. You could tell a lot from which brother they want me to go with. So it was kind of funny.

TWoP: Interesting. I like the one you picked.
JS: I do, too. I think the show is about the group, and it's about my group of friends, and anything that can help us keep that group together is I think the key to where the show lies.

TWoP: Did you know before you went on hiatus who she picked? Have you been keeping that a secret?
JS: No. We didn't even know if we were coming back. So no. For sure no. I don't even think the writers had decided yet either.

TWoP: So were you guessing?
JS: Yeah. Of course.

TWoP: Were you right?
JS: Yeah, I was.

TWoP: Does the person she picked get to stay as boyfriend material for more than one episode? 'Cause PJ's dating record is not so good.
JS: Um. She... yeah, that ends up being a storyline that we carry through the whole season. I don't think it's a typical television relationship. I notice on TV, when all of a sudden two characters are together, they're hanging on each other -- they're sort of indicating they're boyfriend and girlfriend constantly, and I think that the relationship PJ has is one that's very conscious of PDA. She's very conscious of how too much affection would ruin the dynamic of the group. So it's sort of interesting to see how you can... well, no, I can't say that.

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